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The Good

Looking back over my posts for the summer, I noticed that I only wrote about the bad things. My beginning of summer bitchy-ness, my husband’s heart attack, nearly cracking teeth while trying squash my frustration with my impossible 12-year-old, pain, fatigue and the heat that we’ve only had to endure for the blink of an eye, those were all the negative aspects of the summer. The truth is, it hasn’t been all bad. Because my brain feels too mushy and sluggish to come up with…well…whatever you need to create a cohesive post, I’m just going to list the good things.

1. Don is alive! I’ve been grateful for that every day since his heart attack. It could have turned out differently. Because his heart attack occurred after the miracle of angioplasty was invented and before our healthcare system totally crashes, he got treatment almost immediately and he’s doing well. He didn’t have to get his chest cracked open like one of my grandfathers and he didn’t die in the waiting room of a doctor’s office like my other grandpa. He’s alive. Missed work, huge medical bills and another year of no vacation, that stuff isn’t important (although it does suck). We still have Don with us and I’m filled with gratitude for that.

2. Don is now willing to change his eating habits!  Even though this came about because of a pretty harsh wake-up call, I’m grateful for this. I’ve always worried about what would happen when Don’s eating habits caught up with him. I’ve lectured on the importance of nutrition and the consequences of eating processed food and I’ve worried when no one listened and I saw the kids developing the same bad habits. I’m sorry it took a heart attack but I’m very glad Don is willing to change. For the first time ever, he is willing to try new foods. He’s finally eating some fruits, vegetables and whole grains. He ate Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and liked them! Before he would not even try those beta carotene rich orange foods. I love cooking whole food recipes and the family actually eating them. And I love contemplating a future that doesn’t include decades of widowhood.

3. Fun in Lynden  The day after Don got out of the hospital, we headed out for a baseball tournament in Lynden. It sounds like a crazy thing to do but the cardiologist said it was okay and I knew it would be more relaxing for Don to be around our team families than sitting at home thinking of all the things he should be doing. And I was mostly right (there were a few stressful moments because of the Impossible One and some obnoxious parents on an opposing team). The Jets played really well, even making it to the championship game and we had a fun time hanging out with the Jets families at the hotel in Bellingham. The highlight had to be watching our Team Creator/Manager make a fully clothed dive into the pool. The look on the boy’s faces was priceless, as was the look on Scott’s face when someone asked him if he’d remembered to take his iPhone out of his pocket. (Luckily, he did. Just not his wallet.) Good times!

4. Fun in Moses Lake Even more fun was our weekend at a tournament in Moses Lake. Two nights away from home, three days of Jets baseball, an afternoon at the water park and watching the kids (and later a few tipsy adults) play and have a good time …it was awesome. I loved being there. The dry heat melted away all my aches and pains and I felt great. I could even wear a bra without pain across my back – a huge improvement! I feel so blessed that we are part of such an awesome group of kids and people. I like all of them! How often does that happen when you group twelve families together?

5. I love our dog  That old girl just gets funnier by the day. She makes all of us happy.  I appreciate every day we have with her.

6. Our cats are still alive  Sadly, that’s something to be grateful for in our neighborhood. Every few days a new missing cat sign gets posted. I feel bad for the people that are missing their beloved kitties and I’m pretty sure the neighborhood coyote is to blame. Every morning I’m grateful to see Frosty, Trouble and Scooby and their evil deeds are (mostly) forgiven.

7. New friends – It’s been great getting to know some new people this summer. I’ve enjoyed all the chats, texts, phone calls and times sitting in the bleachers. I’m grateful the fog in my head has cleared enough for me to start and/or keep up with conversations.

So even though the summer of the heart attack seems like it would totally suck, it hasn’t. The important things in life are great and there are plenty of little miracles every day. Life is good.


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