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Sharing My World – 2015 Week 2

I’m in a list kind of mood, so here’s a list of what’s going on in my world.

* My computer is still in the shop – and I still feel lost without it. Since I mostly only use my computer for blog writing and photo storage and editing, and I have an iPad, an iPhone and a Google Chromebook to use to go online with, it surprises me that I’m so attached to my computer. I called the repair place today to see what’s happening with it and they hadn’t even started working on it yet. 😦 But, supposedly, it’s next and, if it doesn’t need any parts ordered, it could be done tomorrow. I hope so, but I’m not counting on it.

* Both my kids are home from school with colds today. Michael, who rarely gets sick, is feeling pretty awful from it.

* A strange fog crept in late this afternoon and, at the same time, an unexplained anxiety crept over me. I don’t have anything to feel anxious over so I don’t know what this anxiety is about. I just wish it would go away.

* Actually, the above isn’t true. I am worried because my favorite squirrel didn’t show up today. But, still, I don’t think that’s what the nervous gnawing in my stomach is about….

* My new camera arrived Friday afternoon and I’ve taken a few photos with it, but I can’t tell if they’re any good or not. I need my computer!

* I desperately need a haircut but I need to print a picture from my computer to show to the hairstylist. So, I’m not only stuck in limbo, I’m stuck in limbo with a bad case of banshee hair!

* Our 17-year-old cat, Frosty, has discovered a new talent: He can poop inside, on and outside the litter box in one shot. We put a lid on the litter box to stop him from practicing this talent and he paid us back by pooping in two different corners in two different rooms. He could just use the cat door and go outside like he used to but, apparently, that’s too much of a hassle for him.

That’s all I can think of for now, so I’ll get to Cee’s Share Your World questions and be back with more regular posting once I have a real computer again. .

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? It depends on who I’m with. I like hugs from people that like hugs. If I sense someone doesn’t like hugs, I just let them be. If someone isn’t comfortable with hugging, it tends to be awkward anyway.

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? Salted caramel. I don’t know who thought of adding sea salt to caramel but it’s good in every form I’ve tried: dark chocolates, ice cream, cupcakes, brownies, lattes. I love me some sea salt caramel! However, I don’t often indulge in the ice cream. Like Cee, I get too chilled from cold foods and can’t warm up again.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either? I like exercising my body if I can do it outside, especially on my bicycle. Unfortunately, I can only ride my bike when temps are in the 40-70 degree range (like with the ice cream, I get too chilled and can’t warm up again if it’s in the 30’s or colder and I have no energy if it’s warmer than 70). Lately, walking is too painful to enjoy so the answer to the second part of the question is: not nearly enough. I really should force myself to do more indoor exercise and do mind exercises too.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Why? I absolutely love dogs but I would have to say I’m a cat person. I feel a deeper mind connection with certain cats somehow. I just get them, maybe because I’m more like them than I am a dog, and it seems like they recognize a kindred spirit in me. So many times, a cat and I have spotted each other at the exact same moment and immediately and simultaneously changed direction so that we meet up. It’s like there’s a gravitational pull between us.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  Last week, I was very grateful that my mom came through her horrible hospital ordeal and was released on Friday. It will be awhile before she bounces fully back but she’s on the road to recovery. This week, I am most looking forward to getting my computer back, my new photo editing software installed and the pictures from my new camera uploaded so I can play.


13 thoughts on “Sharing My World – 2015 Week 2

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve been meaning to come check out your latest post. I saw it but couldn’t access it from whichever device I was on.

  1. Hope your computer is fixed soon. Despite having other technology, a computer is mandatory, especially if you edit photos on it. Look forward to seeing some images from your new camera.

    1. I don’t think I could function in Florida weather! I grew up here in the Pacific Northwest so I’m used to the cool weather. 40 is a little on the chilly side but, when properly bundled up, it’s quite refreshing!

  2. Hope your boys, you mom (and your computer) get well soon!

    I had to laugh at the “gravitational pull” you feel with cats! I have a similar type of pull with children, my sister calls me a kid magnet haha! I would have a hard time choosing between cats and dogs, I can’t even handle how much I love dogs, especially puppies, but because I’m allergic that poses a problem. I love my own cats to absolute pieces and don’t know where I’d be without their companionship, but other peoples cats… I don’t really feel a connection.

    I can’t wait to see some of photos from your new camera, hope I don’t get too jealous. 😉

    1. I actually like dogs more than cats but there’s no denying that mutual attraction (not of the sexual variety, of course!) between me and certain cats. It’s cool that you are a kid magnet! That must be fun.

      I doubt my photos will cause jealousy. I’m trying to read a book about photography and I’m beginning to fear I’m a hopeless case when it comes to it.

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