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Just Hanging Out

A few weeks ago, Don and I went shopping for a bird feeder to replace the one that the squirrels broke. I looked at a few feeders that were supposed to be squirrel proof but in the end just decided to a feeder that looks like a swing, partly because the birds and squirrels can get to all the seed so it won’t have a chance to get moldy, and partly because I thought the squirrels would look cute sitting in it. I expected a lot of pictures like this (only hopefully sharper and clearer):IMG_3285

What I wasn’t expecting to see was this:


I was glad to catch a photo while the squirrel was hanging upside down because I thought it would quickly figure out that it didn’t have to hang upside down to eat.

I needn’t have worried. This squirrel seemed to enjoy hanging upside to eat. It hung there all day, happily chowing down, only stopping long enough to drop down onto other squirrels on the ground below for a game of chase.






Now the little rascals have discovered that it’s easier to tip the feeder over so the seed spills on the ground. :/


21 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out

        1. I loved the twisty one too. He looks so nonchalant about being completely twisted!

          These were taken with my old Canon PowerShot, as most of my bird and squirrel pictures will be until I can save up for a zoom lens for my new camera. The Canon has a powerful zoom but I’ve always been frustrated by the amount of noise, especially in low light. I also get a lot of blurring because I can’t hold it still. It’s too big, heavy and awkward for me.

    1. You’ve got to be right about the joint hyper mobility! We’ve got another one that looks like it has the opposite problem. The stiff way she moves reminds me of myself!

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