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My Marvelous Discovery of the Obvious

Over the past few years, I’ve seen some good photos taken with iPhones. So, when I got one back in July, I was pretty excited. Then, in late October when I got my iPad and bought the Aviary app to edit and enhance photos, I was really excited to start taking, enhancing and sharing my iPhone photos.

Only problem: my iPhone pictures all sucked. Like bad. Every once in awhile a landscape photo with no real point of focus would turn out kind of okay but still not good enough to share with anyone. I kept wondering: How were all these other people getting good iPhone pictures?

Then, last weekend, I started watching some of the tutorials that came with the Corel Paintshop program I got for Christmas. When I saw a tutorial on taking better iPhone pictures, I clicked on it. On the second tip, that tricky light bulb of mine came on. I wasn’t clicking on the screen to get the camera to focus on what I wanted!

I immediately grabbed my iPhone and the flowers I’d bought for macro practice and headed out to the deck. I clicked on the camera app, touched the flowers on the screen, clicked the button and presto! I got a clearer macro shot than I’ve been getting with my new camera.

Daniel (my 15-year-old) walked out on the deck just as I was viewing my new photo.

“Look at the picture I just took with my iPhone!” I said.

He looked. “Oh, cool.” Clearly unimpressed.

“I just learned that you tap on the screen to focus. This is the best picture I’ve ever taken with my iPhone,” I explained.

He gave me that oh-my-god-you-are-so-old-and-lame look. “Yeah, you’ve got to click on the screen to focus the camera.” He didn’t say “duh” but it was implied in his tone.

How? How do kids just know how to use all these gadgets without being told? Or, maybe it’s just me that has trouble figuring these things out. The obvious does often escape my foggy mind. In any case, I’m having fun playing with my iPhone and the Aviary app and I’m still excited by my marvelous discovery of the obvious.





15 thoughts on “My Marvelous Discovery of the Obvious

  1. Amazing. Love that third shot. It’s even better than my images taken with my top-of-the-range 100mm Macro lens.

    I know what you mean about technology. I just hate it when tourists come up to me and ask me to take their photo on their iPhones (or even little cameras). I have no idea where the shutter button or anything else is, and not only that, I have to explain to them that I can’t see in an LCD screen. They always pick on me (to do this) because my camera looks professional 😀

    1. I hate that too. I always feel like such a moron when I can’t figure out how to work the phone or camera. I can see why people ask you, with your professional looking camera, but I ‘m not sure why people ask me to take their pictures. I always want to tell them that I barely know how to work my own phone!

      I was excited about getting good flower shots with my iPhone because, so far, my macro shots with my new camera have been disappointing. With my four cameras, I’ve noticed the ones with the least megapixels are the easiest to take macros with. Maybe they’re just more forgiving of my shaky hands?

  2. I’m not sure I knew how I got such great shots with my iPhone. I think it was just trial and error but I did figure out the touching of the screen to focus. It didn’t always work right away but I would just erase and try again until I was happy with the outcome. Nice shots by the way.

    1. Thank you. After finding out your pictures are taken with an iPhone, I knew I had to be missing some step because your photos were SO much better than any I was getting with mine.

    1. I did not know you could get special lenses for iPhones. I’m going to have to go look at those!

      BTW, I watched your newest video, but I was unable to comment from my iPad. I meant to visit your site on my computer but never remember when I’m actually on my computer. (You know how it is with the brain fog!) I’m glad you’re feeling some improvement with your new diet. I hope the improvement continues.

    1. I didn’t get an iPhone until my cell carrier offered them as a free upgrade. I just couldn’t see spending that much money when I hate talking on the phone!

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