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Sharing My World 2015 – Week 5


Happy Monday and welcome to week five of Cee’s Share Your World Challenge!

Do you prefer shopping or going to a park? I definitely prefer going to a park. I like being outside and I don’t like how close people crowd around each other in stores. Yesterday we went to Target and Trader Joe’s and having people in such close proximity to me just about drove me out of my mind. Needing a large sphere of personal space is just one more way that I’m like a cat!

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why? With all the rainy days we’ve got in our forecast, I think a rubber boot would be a good shoe to be. They’re waterproof and you can tuck your pant legs in so they don’t drag in the mud. I wore mine this morning.


What’s the story behind a time when you got locked out? When I was seventeen, my step-dad found a wine cooler cap in the console of my car. He grounded me and took my car away so I had to ride the bus to school. Since I didn’t need my car keys and I didn’t think to take a house key, I got home to an empty, locked house. I was frantic. It was a damp, chilly day and I was wearing a silky shirt, a skirt and high-heeled red pumps. My parents weren’t going to be home for several hours so I went to the barn and tried to get comfy in the hay. It was cold, itchy and uncomfortable so I worked up a good rage about how this was all my step-dad’s fault for taking my car away. I took a stick of firewood and smashed the doorknob. Then I went inside and called my mom at work to tell her we needed a new one. I was in more trouble but I wasn’t sorry. I could be a very defiant little brat.

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts? I like nuts but I don’t like them in foods. In my opinion, there’s no quicker way to ruin a good batch of brownies or loaf of zucchini bread than putting walnuts in them.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I am grateful for the nice weather  we had last week. This week I’m just looking forward to any time that I get to sit on the couch with my heat wrap on my back. Between the wet, gloomy weather and the all-over body ache I’ve got going on, I’m not feeling too optimistic about the week ahead.


21 thoughts on “Sharing My World 2015 – Week 5

    1. Aren’t they fun? I bought them partly because I thought the pink flowers might keep my 15-year-old from sticking his giant feet into them but nope! He wears them into the backyard anyway!

    1. Sorry you have the all-over body ache too. It makes it so hard to get anything done. Everything I have to do makes me cranky. I wish I could just move into the sunflower too!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having an ‘achey’ period. Don’t we just love our ‘heat packs’ for our backs. Couldn’t do without mine in winter.

    Love the gumboot shot and you’re definitely on a ‘winning’ streak with the flower images.

    …and I wonder how many of us FM sufferers don’t like crowds. I like to be out in the fresh air with plenty of space around me too. I wonder if it’s the perfume/chemical sensitivity or we’re just plain fresh air lovers.

    1. The perfume sensitivity definitely makes being in enclosed spaces with other people very miserable. I get an instant headache from perfume and sometimes my throat feels tight and scratchy. Of course some people wear enough perfume to contaminate outside air too. I’ve had to leave the bleachers at baseball games before.

    1. I mostly get irritable. Well, no. Perhaps bitchy is more accurate. It seems to depend on how foggy I am. The foggier I am, the harder it is to be around people. Do you find that too, or is your discomfort in crowds pretty constant?

      1. It’s definitely easier when I am having a ‘clear’ day. Also much easier on a low pain day. But I avoid going out or even answering the phone on very foggy days.
        I used to be really sociable too – pre fibro.

  2. Your rubber boots are sooo cute! 😀
    Hah choosing between shopping or going to a park is a no brainer, I hate shopping! I had to go to the mall yesterday for Rachael’s birthday and not just any mall, but The Mall of America, it nearly did me in. We were only there to go to the aquarium they have there, but just walking through the place was a nightmare.

    1. I’ve never been to the Mall of America but from what I’ve heard of its size, I don’t think I could ever make it through. I’m glad you survived the experience! It’s really odd how exhausting shopping is. I could seriously hike for two hours and be less wiped out than I am after shopping for an hour. I hope Rachel’s birthday was fabulous!

      1. I know what you mean… Although I don’t think I could even hike two hours with my knees, I’d be much less wiped out than after just a short time of shopping…

  3. Hi, Trisha! I got here through Cee’s page for this week’s challenge. I was curious because of your reference to “fog.” We’ve recently retired to Tacoma, WA, and I thought you might be from the same area. Checked your “about” page and found out you are! And I’ve also had fibromyalgia for many years, so I get that part of the “fog” reference as well. Would love to connect. My answers to this week’s challenge are here:

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I tried to catch up on my comments yesterday and somehow missed yours. I’m going to blame the fog, which has been pretty thick in my brain lately! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. I’ll find my way over to your blog now. I’m happy to connect with you!

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