Scooby is a very grumpy-looking cat. For years, we thought he actually hated us just because of the mean look in his eyes. Even now that he’s my Precious and he loves on me all the time, he looks at me like he’d like to rip my face off. You can’t trust Scooby’s eyes. They say he’s grumpy but he’s very sweet, loving and tolerant.

Scooby’s grumpy face actually fits me better this week. I am grumpy. I’m grumpy about the rainy weather. I’m grumpy that my house is dirty and I have no energy to clean it. I’m grumpy that Trouble kept me awake most of the night by clawing at my back, especially since he went back to bed (in my spot!) after I got up. I’m grumpy that my 15-year-old is too lazy to make himself breakfast so I have to get up at six to make sure he eats something. I’m grumpy that low blood sugar is waking me up at night and making me feel like I’m hungry all the time. I’m grumpy about…well, a lot of things, most of them unreasonable.

The thing I’m the most grumpy about is baseball. After Daniel tried out for and made the team that he played on last year, we found out that the coach is planning to take the team to San Diego for a tournament. San Diego! WTH? What wrong with the tournaments right here in Washington? San Diego is too far to drive and it would cost about $1,000 a person to fly there.  Don can’t take a week off work to go to a stupid baseball tournament so that leaves me and I will not drive a rental car in San Diego. For the safety of everyone in the area, I don’t drive in cities. I’m not keen on even going to California. We went last year and I didn’t love it. Don and I just decided that we need to spend less on the kids’ sports this year. I am not going to turn around and pay over $1,000 to go somewhere I don’t want to go, especially just to sit at a baseball field all week. Screw that! So, that means we’re supposed to send Daniel with people we don’t know? I’m not liking that option either.

Just thinking about it makes me grumpy and the coach wants an answer ASAP about what parents are going. Don emailed the parents that we know to see what their thoughts are. Maybe it would be okay to send Daniel if someone we know is going. I just can’t believe that everyone is on board with this. Who are these people that are willing to spend thousands to send their kid to a baseball tournament? Whoever they are, we don’t fit in with them!

Okay, that concludes my rant, for now. This is just one of those days I wish I were a cat. Then I could just sit behind the curtain looking so evil that no one would dare to bother me.



15 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. I am NOT a parent so I really don’t know how you feel, but I was once the kid in situations like this, so maybe my experience can help you? 1- fundraising. If your kid wants to go, make him earn the $$. I earned close to $1,000 for a $3,000 trip in grade school. 2- He’s 15 he should be able to go away for a week without you? I went oversees for 2 weeks when I was 12, and again when I was 16. It’s a great experience to go away without your parents and feel that independence, adventurous spirit! You learn a lot, it makes you feel like your parents trust you, etc. However, I do understand that parents want to see their kids play and stuff like that, but if you can’t go it’s o.k.

    p.s. I wish I was a cat too who could just hide from life sometimes.

    1. If this it was a good cause or had people signing up to be chaperones, I wouldn’t be so opposed. But it’s a baseball tournament. There are probably five or six going on right here the same weekend. It’s unnecessary, pointless and expensive. Plus, the parents who are going may not be thrilled with being saddled with extra kids. They are going to watch their kids play and probably to drink. That’s what tournaments seem to be about for a lot of parents.

      I’m just ready to be done with select baseball period and feel this trip is way over the top. I’m grumpy about having to deal with it. We didn’t know this was a part of the package when we signed up. If we would have, we would have searched for something more laid back.

    1. Scooby loves blanket forts! He’s definitely up for hiding from life in a blanket for awhile. I want to hide but blankets are sounding a little hot. I think I’m actually in the midst of my first full- fledged hot flash! My fort might need to be made out of towels!

  2. Great shot of your Scooby’s face with those glaring eyes.

    And you have my sympathy with the baseball trip thing. Rant all you like. I’m not a parent, but I had enough rants from my girlfriend when her 3 were teenagers. In fact, they still keep moving home and don’t pay their way every time it suits them (they are 24, 27 & 29).

    I completely agree with you about the money aspect of Daniel’s trip and your unwillingness to go yourself. There’s no way I would go with my health issues and to be honest, I would not really expect (or want) strangers to take him (if he were my son). IF, and only if, there were parents going who knew your family and Daniel felt comfortable with, AND they offered to take him, fair enough.

    Sounds like this baseball thing could turn out to be a ‘money eating’ thing too.

    I don’t know how families operate in the U.S. All I know is that I missed 2 trips in High School because my Parents didn’t have the money (but my elder brother went, I might add). We had to earn money if we wanted it back in those days. But it seemed to me that my Mother expected me to do a lot of chores and my brothers did none.

    Glad I’m not a parent.

    1. It seems like the kids moving back home again and again is a common problem these days. With your friend having 3 kids, I can understand her need to rant once in awhile. That would be frustrating when they don’t want to pay their own way.

      You’re so right that the baseball can be a money pit. It’s crazy really. We’ve paid for Daniel to play on a select team for three years now. First it was $700, the next year was $1,000 and this year it went up to $1,500. And that’s not including travel expenses for 3-5 tournaments. And we’re getting off cheap compared to many! We know people that are paying over $3,000. We’ve decided this is the last year that we’re doing anything as expensive or time consuming. We have retirement to think of.

      I’m thinking along the same lines as you regarding San Diego. With my fatigue and brain fog, I can’t be counted on to drive us around down there. I hate the thought of sending Daniel without us but I’m really not up to all that travel. I think we’ll see who is going and go from there.

      I had the same childhood experience of having to do chores when my brother didn’t. I was so resentful!

    1. It is hard to keep up with all the practices and games. This whole month Daniel has practice 3 nights a week and 2 of those practices are a half hour drive to get there. How old is your daughter?

  3. Awww, Scooby’s adorable 🙂 even when grumpy.
    I agree, grumpy is allowed. Hell, I think its to be encouraged as a coping mechanism!
    The baseball thing……if you can’t do it, for whatever reason, then it cant be done xx

    1. Yeah, there are times when grumpy is called for. As achy as I was this week, it’s amazing I was only grumpy and snappish to my family a few times. 🙂

  4. Haha I love that photo of Scooby sitting at the table with his half closed ‘grumpy’ eyes! My Baby was pawing at me the other night too and keeping me awake, I don’t know what her deal was, but I woke up pretty grumpy. Maybe it was the full moon…
    Holy cow why is the baseball tournament all the way down in San Diego?! That’s annoying. Rachael’s choir went on tour every year while she was in school and it was always somewhere out of state and was a big expense, so she could never go. During her senior year while I was going through my divorce her choir teacher wanted her to go on tour so bad that she paid the all the expenses herself for Rachael to go, then Rachael got croup the second day of tour and couldn’t sing throughout the rest of the week. Hope everything with Daniel’s tournament gets sorted out, I don’t blame you for being grumpy..

    1. It’s been so cloudy here that I forgot about the moon being full. That’s probably why Trouble was being extra annoying. I wish they could find some full moon activities that didn’t involve keeping us awake!

      That’s so sad about Rachel getting croup when she finally got to go on her choir tour. 😦 That had to be such a bummer for so many different reasons. Daniel’s way to San Diego is paid so he can go, I guess. I’m not thrilled with the idea of sending him without us though. It can be so hard to let go sometimes!

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