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Playing Favorites


I know it’s not nice to play favorites, but I can’t help it. I have a favorite squirrel. His name is Shorty. He’s friendly, adorable and utterly irresistible.


I named him Shorty because somehow he lost the end of his tail, making it a little shorter than normal, but not so short that Bob seemed appropriate. (Sadly, since I named Shorty, I have discovered a Bob and a Bob 2. I don’t know what’s happening to their tails!)

Shorty was a permanent resident in my yard throughout the month of December. He was the one that would sit with his arms folded while he stared in the window, waiting for me to put peanuts out.


I didn’t realize that Shorty was the only squirrel who sat peering in my window like that until he moved away. He was gone for two days. I missed him terribly and worried that something had happened to him. Then he returned to beg for peanuts and he’s been visiting once a day ever since.

He’s the boldest, calmest ofย “my” squirrels. When I open the back door, he comes walking right in and stands staring up at me as I get a peanut out of the bag. He takes the peanut out of my hand without any hesitation or signs of nervousness. A few times he’s put his little hand on ours as he takes the peanut. Being so close to him just melts my heart!

I’m not sure why he moved away. He didn’t seem bothered by all the competition in the yard. He actually seemed completely unruffled by all the chasing and scuffling the others do and, being my favorite, he always got plenty to eat.

Although I miss seeing him out there all the time, having him visit only once a day is a good thing in some ways. Without him constantly begging, we go through bags of peanuts a lot slower and I’m not spending as much time at the window watching him. The others are cute but not as quite as irresistible as my dear Shorty!


20 thoughts on “Playing Favorites

  1. He looks so cute with his paws folded like that. You are brave to let him in your home- the squirrels in our area are known to carry rabies, so I keep a good distance from them! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s probably more foolish of me than brave! I don’t think rabies are a big problem here but I still watch the door and only let him get in a few inches. Still, it’s probably something I shouldn’t encourage. It could become a problem when the weather gets warmer and the door gets left open.

  2. Wow! How amazing to have a wild squirrel be so tame!
    My friend moved North last year and actually has a red squirrel visit his garden. They are so rare now. And so very red!!

    1. The red squirrels are rare here too, only ours aren’t so red. They don’t have those cute ear tufts either. (I had to Google your red squirrels to see what they looked like- so cute!) How lucky that your friend gets to see them. We had a red squirrel show up here two days in a row back in December but it hasn’t been back since.

  3. Shorty is so adorable, I can see why he’s your favorite! โค And these are lovely captures, I especially like the last one. ๐Ÿ™‚ So cool that he takes the peanuts right out of your hand too…

  4. So cute! I love your pictures. ^-^ I haven’t talked with you in quite awhile. Hope you’ve been having a good 2015 so far! xx

    1. Things were going well. The past week or two pain has been increasing though. That seems to be how this fibro thing goes. One step forward, two steps back. How have you been feeling? I miss your blog posts but I totally understand stepping back from it. Blogging can be very time and energy consuming.

      1. I can definitely understand the whole “one step forward, two steps back” thing. However, whenever a “flare storm” comes, it always passes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’m doing ok. New England has been getting slammed with snowstorm after snowstorm though for the past month though. So, that means I have to periodically help with shoveling the driveway (when my dad isn’t home to use the snowblower). I’ve been dealing with some flaring (not the worst, but still a major pain–no pun intended, lol). But I’ve been getting through by distracting myself with crocheting, Candy Crush, and “Doctor Who”. If it weren’t for the little things to perk me up, I’d be going out of my mind!

        Hope your fibro pain lessens soon! Sending you spoons and hugs! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

        1. Good distractions are priceless! I distract myself with Candy Crush once in awhile too. I hope the snow finally goes away so you don’t have to shovel anymore. Sending hugs and spoons back your way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I imagine Shorty communicating like the chipmunks in “The Emperor’s New Groove”. And yes, I know they aren’t the same ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I’ll have to watch that movie so I can imagine it too! I’m hoping if I talk to Shorty enough he’ll learn English. So far though, he just communicates with cuteness. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. My squirrels run from me when I go out in the yard but many of them don’t hesitate to come right up to the door when I open it. Back in December, one squirrel chased another right into our house! The poor thing had a terrifying experience with our dog and got tangled up in the blinds before taking refuge in the Christmas tree. Thankfully, it gathered its wits and ran out the door because I didn’t have a clue what to do!

  6. I love the little paws-across-the-chest look. It would be nice to know what happens to their tails. Must be from a scuffle with another squirrel or predator. I had one I called Stubby.

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