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Sharing My World – Week 6


This week isn’t off to the greatest start. I had to attend a mandatory parent’s meeting for Daniel’s baseball last night and a bad parent lecture at the school today. (More on that fun later) Since I’m still in my winter hibernation mode, having to go to these meetings made me grumpy. I have a headache, feel conflicted about several things and overwhelmed about everything else. It’s just not a good week, so far. But I will try to be positive while I answer Cee’s Share Your World questions. 🙂

What was the last time you went to a new place? The last time I went to a new town was probably last June when we went to Monterey, CA for Michael’s weightlifting meet. The last time I explored a new close-by place was Sunday. Don and I went to Snohomish (again! I think I’ve got him loving that town too.) to see how high the river was and we ended up exploring a few new streets and having lunch at The Crepe Escape, a restaurant we’d never been in before.

The Snohomish River is threatening to spill its banks if the rain doesn’t stop

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels, other?  And what type of genre would you prefer? As a writer, I’m definitely a novel writer. I’ve written two children’s novels, although now that my children are growing up, I’ve lost interest in children’s literature and would rather write books for grown-ups. The book I’ve got floating around in my head right now would fall into the magical realism category, like books by Alice Hoffman or Sarah Addison Allen. Sadly, while I probably would have liked being a writer before the invention of the internet, nowadays being a writer involves too many things I have neither desire nor energy for, like having to promote my book through social media. Writing has become too social, too connected, for a hermit like me.

Out of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) which is your favorite? Definitely sight. I love color and light. I love seeing all the different ways the sun shines into our world.

If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying life than yours? With my chronic illness that limits my activity so much, it would probably appear that many people my age live a more satisfying life than I do. But, for the most part, I’m satisfied with my life. I wouldn’t trade my marriage or family for a career, money or status. I don’t often look at what other people have and wish I had it, so I’m going to go with a small number, like five.

Other people may have a more satisfying professional life but I have squirrels. 🙂


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m just grateful last week is over. I had a whole body ache that just wouldn’t go away. This week, I’m looking forward to Friday, which is the only day this week that no one in the family has weightlifting or baseball. I like being home in the evening and I like it when everyone is home with me.

Blogging really must be therapeutic because I’m feeling a little better already. Or, maybe it’s just the Advil starting to kick in. 🙂



25 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 6

        1. Poor little babies. I hope they’ll be okay without their mama. That’s the hard part of befriending wild animals. It’s always so hard to see them suffering and not be able to help.

  1. If I had little critters like squirrels on my doorstep, I’d be in Heaven, Trisha.

    Its the little things in life (when you have chronic pain/fatigue eta) that really make one grateful. Not working outside the home (unless you count endless boy’s activities) means you can live your life at your own pace.
    You are so lucky to have husband and children that bring you love and joy.

    (But photography and communing with Nature just has to be second on the list of life’s pleasures).

    1. I agree about photography and communing with nature being high up there on the list of things that bring us joy! Some days those squirrels are the brightest part of my day. I have such a friendly bunch of them this year. Do you have any parks nearby where little critters frolic?

      1. No, Trisha, really only Melbourne Zoo to the north of Melbourne city. You see turtles and the occasional rodent in the Botanic Gardens. I see possums on my side fence about midnight sometimes. I did see a fox once in the back lane behind my block of apartments, but that was before I had a camera. Couldn’t believe my eyes, but the lady in the corner house told me it really was a fox in this inner city area and used to come up to her back door for scraps. Without a car, family or friends living close by, I really can’t get out to the country or mountain areas. A whole day trip in a car is actually a bit too tiring for me anyway (to be honest). A half day or afternoon is about my limit.

        1. How amazing to see a fox! I grew up in a very rural area where there supposedly were foxes but I’ve never seen one. How disappointing that there aren’t more little creatures around your place though. We’re pretty lucky in that regard here in the Pacific Northwest. There are animals of some kind living just about everywhere, even the city.

    1. I will probably start writing again once I finish my herb course. I just feel like I’ve got too many things going on right now. I think I might be able to keep going with it if I just put publication out my mind. The thought of that is just too scary for me!

  2. “But I have squirrels” Love it! And the photo is adorable! 🙂
    I didn’t know you had written two children’s novels, did you ever publish them? I dream of writing a novel one day…
    I’d have to choose sight as well for my favorite of the five senses.
    Sorry your week wasn’t off to the best start, hope it’s much better now. ❤

    1. I didn’t try to get either book published. I should have with the first one because my writing instructor offered to read it and possibly forward it to her agent. I think I was just too afraid of too many things: failure, success, criticism and pressure. I still dream of writing a grown-up novel someday. Maybe some year we’ll both be ready to write and can join NaNoWriMo together!

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