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Spring Fever


I had hoped to create a real post this morning but warm weather, almost sunshine and frolicking squirrels distracted me and now the almost sunshine is threatening to turn into real sunshine. The restlessness of spring fever is setting in and, as tired and achy as I am, I’m feeling helpless to fight it. Even now, I hear that elusive giant pigeon cooing from the trees, daring me to try to catch a photo of it so people will believe me when I say there’s a giant pigeon in the neighborhood. Gotta go! Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!


8 thoughts on “Spring Fever

      1. Things are going better, thanks! But man am I tired. Thankfully that friend of Rachael’s was able to recover my data since my last back-up, but getting the OS back up and running was a lost cause. 😦 However, he happened to have a ‘spare’ hard drive laying around that he wasn’t using that he gave to me, so I didn’t have to go and buy a new laptop. So although I’m exhausted, and still have a lot to do to get it all set up, I’m extremely grateful! 🙂

  1. Lovely photo Trisha. And yes, I believe you have a giant pigeon as I’ve seen some an enormous one at Melbourne Zoo’s Aviary. Looked like a stuffed toy. I wondered if it had over-eaten or was in need of veterinary care.

    Hope you have a great weekend too.

    1. Oh, thank goodness! I’m so glad to find someone else who has seen a giant pigeon! We’ve had at least one of them hanging around the last three summers but it never coos or comes around when anyone else is here to witness it. I did get one very bad picture of it but it doesn’t really show how big it is.

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