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Just Another Foggy Friday


I wrote this post last night but fell asleep before I could post it. It’s probably pretty incoherent but I’m still too foggy to fix it, so here goes.

False alarm on the spring fever thing. It turns out that the manic, restless way I was feeling earlier was just the beginning stages of a bad case of brain fog.

Brain fog (brain dysfunction may be more accurate) is a common occurrence on my Fridays and I can’t figure out why. I don’t eat anything different on Thursdays. I go to bed and get up at the same time. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why my brain is more foggy/dysfunctional on Fridays but it happens too often to be a coincidence. There has to be something different about Fridays.

Fortunately, today it was just the scattered, unfocused, clumsy kind of fog and not the depressing, can’t-do-anything kind and I got so distracted that I didn’t try to drive any of the places I was thinking of going. This was good because driving with fog is probably about the same as driving while drunk or high. “Oh, look. That light we just drove through was red. How pretty!”

The first distraction to deter me from my plan of going out to enjoy spring was the discovery that the windflowers outside the front door are blooming. I had to try out my macro lens filters on them. (The results are above.)

Then I noticed a squirrel in my cart planter out back and I took my Canon PowerShot out on the deck to get a picture of it.


While I was fiddling around with my camera, trying to get the right exposure with a faster shutter speed, I heard a scuffling sound behind me. I turned around and saw a squirrel strolling through my dining room. Shorty had crept into the house while my back was turned! I froze, not wanting to make any sudden moves to alert Baby Dog (who was beside me on the deck) or scare Shorty. He went into the living room, looked at the fireplace and then jumped up on a footstool. Baby’s head shot up at that movement so I jumped in between her and the door so she couldn’t go after Shorty. Unfortunately, that blocked Shorty’s exit, which startled him. He jumped down from the stool and disappeared behind the couch.

I realized there was no way to keep Baby from going after Shorty without scaring him a little more. I grabbed Baby’s collar, drug her through the dining room, down the hall and into my office. I could hear Shorty scuffling around as we walked through the house but when I came back out into the living room, there was no sign of him. Or sound. Where was he? I looked around but couldn’t find him anywhere, which made me very nervous. As much as I like squirrels, I don’t want them popping out of dark corners when I walk by.

I needn’t have worried. Shorty must have run right out the door when I took Baby down the hall. Five minutes after our encounter, he was sitting on the feeder crunching seeds. He was as calm as ever, apparently untroubled by his little adventure in our house.


While I was dealing with all that, the sun went away so I decided to stay in and finish my assignment like I had originally planned. It didn’t go well. I shouldn’t bother trying to do anything with this scattered, unfocused fog impairing my brain.

And I really shouldn’t go to the store with this fog. The store is only a mile away, on minor streets with hardly any traffic, so I made it there no problem. But walking through the store I felt drunk. Or high. Kind of dizzy and tippy, like the floor was tilting and people were getting closer and then farther away. While putting a pizza into my cart, I knocked over a bottle of wine. People stopped to stare as the bottle smashed on the floor, a burgundy puddle spreading toward my feet. It was embarrassing. I wish I could say it was the first time something like this happened on a foggy Friday.


16 thoughts on “Just Another Foggy Friday

  1. I now it is annoying but the way you write it makes me chuckle. I have had doctors messing with me forever saying it is MS, or Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s but I believe I may have mentioned this before. The way you describe things sounds just like me. My husband is always telling me Not to stop doing one thing until it’s done because then I forget I was doing it. I sometimes may look slightly tipsy (but I am not) just some balance issues. Anyhow I enjoy reading your Foggy stuff. I am sure many others with fibro feel the same. Even without fibro your writing is so good. Thanks again for the chuckle and for reminding me I am not alone in this.

    1. Nope, you’re definitely not alone in this! I’m sure I sometimes look slightly tipsy too and I forget what I’m doing all the time. It’s so frustrating when there are things that need to be done or things I want to do. *sigh* It helps knowing that I’m not alone in it though, so thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Like Donna, I feel like a chuckle too.

    Only someone else with FM (or similar) can appreciate Brain Fog. I do hate the way it waxes and wanes though. People/friends/colleagues seeing us on our good days think we’re imagining it and there’s nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t fix.

    And……after all these years of intermittent memory and cognitive function, I still find these episodes draining. I wonder what it is about your Fridays too? Perhaps its the end of a week of having to look after husband and sons and be fixed to a timetable. Suddenly, on a Friday, your brain gets all stressed, or overloaded, and your brain wants to go into hibernation in readiness for the more casual relaxed pace of a weekend?

    I can only imagine a squirrel exploring indoors. I don’t know whether I’d be concerned or amused if Shorty came into my home.

  3. You’re probably right about my Fridays. Maybe I’m just getting overly tired toward the end of the week. Next Thursday I’ll take some extra time to rest and see how I feel on Friday. I feel like I’m backsliding health-wise because I haven’t been this foggy in a long time. Like you, I hate the way it waxes and wanes.

    About Shorty, I was both concerned and amused! I didn’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t gone out on his own. We used to have a squirrel that came in all the time but that was before we had a dog. I’m so afraid one will come in and get into a scuffle with Baby. She wants to catch one so bad!

    1. The squirrels here are lucky that my three cats are all kind of pansies. If it weren’t for the dog, Shorty might try to move in. He was looking pretty comfortable before I brought the dog through the door!

    1. A few years back, we had a squirrel that came in all the time so they don’t freak me out too much. What’s really scary is waking up to a raccoon in your house! That happened a few times before we got the dog.

  4. ((((hugs))) Those foggy days are almost like non-days sometimes. But you gotta find the humour in them, even if it is only afterwards.
    Love the photos 😀
    When my eldest was little she used to love chasing squirrels lol. She always spotted them and took off before I could grab her.

    1. Aw, that must have been so cute seeing her chase after squirrels!

      You’re so right – these foggy days are almost like non-days. My husband came home yesterday and asked how my day was and I just had to shrug because I really couldn’t remember what I’d done or how the day was.

  5. Oh my gosh, if you weren’t scattered enough already, having Shorty running around in the house certainly would have done it – I would have freaked out! Great photos Trisha, how wonderful to have lovely little things blooming, it will be a looong time before I see the likes of that anywhere around here, and that shot of the squirrel in the cart is so cute! The last one though, of Shorty chomping nonchalantly on seeds is my favorite, such a beautiful capture!
    Hope you’re feeling less foggy today. ❤

    1. We usually have a long pre-spring with a few things starting to bloom and bud in February, but this year everything is really early. It’s nice but I can’t help feeling a little sad that we didn’t have a winter. I feel very snow and frost deprived!

    1. It had me laughing to, once I had the dog locked up for her own and Shorty’s safety. The squirrels make me laugh every day. There are so many of them though. I’m starting to worry about what will happen after they have more babies. If they all stay here, I’m in big trouble!

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