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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – Week 7


This past weekend, Don and I only made it as far as the Brightwater Treatment Plant for our weekend outing. Yep, we visited a place that turns the sewage into “clean” water. Exciting, right? 😉 Normally, it isn’t the kind of place that I want to visit but I’d heard that there are nature trails and natural ponds there.

At first, it was kind of ugly and disappointing. The “natural” ponds looked like the drainage ponds they build on construction sites. There were ducks and geese on them but, still, it was an ugly landscape. Then, we followed a path to the little bridge above and found ourselves in the type of forest landscape we remember exploring as kids.


It wasn’t a huge forest and we soon ended up on the railroad tracks.


Don wanted to walk down the railroad tracks but I wasn’t ready to leave the forest area. The air was so fresh and it was so quiet. It reminded me all the hours I spent roaming the woods on cold, clear days when I was a kid. Plus, we hadn’t found the field house that was supposedly there. (Never did, either.)

Don wants to go back and follow the tracks. I’m not keen on the idea (it’s hard to walk on tracks!) but since he’s willing to go anywhere I want to go, including a sewage treatment plant, I will go. 🙂

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – 2015 Week 7.

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18 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – Week 7

    1. Thank you. I really want to learn to take better photos of paths and bridges and the like. I figure I’m bound to improve if I get out there every chance I get and the Which Way Challenge gives me a good reason to do so.

  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable walk. Sometimes it takes a while to get to where we really want to go and I’m glad you both pressed on along the trail to the ‘good bits’.

      1. Thanks Trisha, it’s alright, we got some fresh snow last night so I’ve just come in from shoveling, which was a bit of a struggle, but I managed. 🙂 Hope yours is off to a good start too and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead! ❤

        1. I’m so relieved the internet came back on before the kids had been home for too long. They tend to get stir-crazy without it. Me, I would have been content to sleep. I don’t know if it’s the weather change or what but I’m wiped out!

  2. I was interested to see an ice alert sign which I guess works the way the fire danger signs we have here do. The forest paths look very pleasant. If you and Don do go walking on the tracks I hope that they are part of an abandoned railway. Tip treading on the sleepers is probably the easiest way to do it, ballast can be tricky to walk on. I know this from y railfan days.

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