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5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 4


I’m really getting down to the bottom of the barrel here on photos that look okay in black and white! Going through my archives to find photos for this challenge, I’ve discovered that I’m very much a nature photographer. I think  for me photography is about recording what I see as a way to preserve an observed moment of beauty. Seeing the color and light I’ve captured in a photo stirs my memory and brings to mind other things from the day I took the photo, even things completely unconnected to the photo subject itself.  Snapping shots like I do makes for a lot of green leaves, blue skies, colorful petals and fluffy animals but not much in the way of strong lines and contrast.

I snapped a shot of this house in Snohomish while out trying to get used to the settings on my new camera. Seeing it in black and white makes me wonder if there are any photos of it when it was new and how they might look different from this photo.


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