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5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge – Day 5


This weekend I started reading The Art of iPhonography and discovered the world of photo editing apps, most specifically Snapseed. I browsed my iPhone photos, found this picture of a tree, opened it in Snapseed, experimented with some filters and came up with the sinister-looking creation above. Yes, it’s obviously altered and not pure photography but it was really fun to create and I find myself wanting to take more photos to turn into this kind of ominous photo/art.

So, through this journey of this 5 Day Challenge and the discovery of Snapseed, I found the type of black and white photography I enjoy creating!

Of my four previous photos, I think I still prefer the color versions, with the exception of the Space Needle photo, maybe because the lines are a lot bolder in black and white than they were in color.

What an odd assortment of photos I came up with!

Thank you again to Mama Cormier for inviting me to join this challenge. I feel like I’ve learned a few things about myself and photography in general through this process.


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