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Which Way To Whidbey Island


There are two ways to get yourself and your car onto Whidbey Island. On the south end of the island, closest to where I live, you can take the Mukilteo ferry. On the north end, you can take Hwy 20 across the Swinomish Channel and the Deception Pass Bridge.

On the way over to Whidbey, we took the Mukilteo ferry.


I’m so glad we did, because we saw orcas during the short crossing. In all my years of riding ferries around the Puget Sound, I’d never seen an orca. Unfortunately, I left my camera with the big zoom lens in the truck and only got this distant shot through the dirty window of the ferry.


On the way home, we decided to drive around (take the highway instead of the ferry) and we crossed the Deception Pass Bridge.


We walked part way across the largest span of the bridge. The view was breathtaking but it was terrifying! It seems a lot higher than 180 feet when you’re up there and there’s only a fence of flimsy wire separating you from the cars as they whiz by.

I also snapped a couple shots of the Swinomish Channel Bridge as we bounced along the highway in the truck. I’d forgotten how beautiful the lower end of the Skagit Valley is, especially when you’re facing east toward the Cascades.


Linking to Cee’s Which Way Challenge – 2015 Week 8

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8 thoughts on “Which Way To Whidbey Island

  1. Omygosh how awesome to see an orca whale while you were on the ferry, lucky!
    Looks like it was a gorgeous day, beautiful photos, Trisha!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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