A Day at Deception Pass


It’s far too cold for swimming at Deception Pass in February, which is one reason we went in February. The place is absolutely crawling with people on warm summer days and sun bathing wasn’t what we had in mind anyway. We wanted to find agates.

We were in for disappointment on the agate front, and on the weather front too. Despite being listed as one of the best agate-finding locations on the Puget Sound, (I guess you really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet) we only found one very small agate on the long stretch of beach at Deception Pass. We looked on West Beach, no agates. We walked for what felt like miles to North Beach, and found one miniscule chip. It was very disappointing. And the weather! All the weather people and weather apps we consulted predicted sunshine and blue skies, which was accurate for home. The kids (who stayed home) said it was blue skies and endless sunshine all day long. Not so on the northern tip of Whidbey Island. When we got to the beach, it looked like this:


Blah. Not the blue Puget Sound waters twinkling in the sunlight like we expected.

Still, we pressed on. And on and on. (Five days later, I’m still trying to recover from our long walk down the beach.) Finally, toward the end of the strip of shoreline that makes up North Beach, we were rewarded with that minuscule agate chip and the sun breaking through the clouds.

The magnificent views on the way home more than made up for the lack of agates and the gloomy weather though. (We did find four more minuscule agate chips on another small beach we stopped at.)

If you ever visit the Seattle area, I highly recommend a day trip north to the Skagit Valley or an overnight trip to the San Juan Islands. It’s so beautiful up there, even in the winter. I put together some of the images I captured at Deception Pass State Park (which includes Cranberry Lake) and our drive home. Click on any image to enlarge it.



8 thoughts on “A Day at Deception Pass

  1. I hope to get closer to them these days. They haven’t had enough snow this winter to make the trip east worthwhile. I just love it when they’re covered in snow!

  2. Sigh… such beautiful views Trisha! Sorry your agate hunting was a bust though. Hope you fully recover from your long walk down the beach soon, and have some nice relaxing time this weekend. ❤

    1. Something to do with the explorers who “discovered” the area. I think they missed the pass the first time through and thought Whidbey Island was a peninsula and then felt deceived when they did find the pass. I’d love to know what they were really doing when they sailed by it!

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