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The theme of “fresh” for the daily post photo challenge falling on the first day of spring feels like a sign that maybe it’s time I try to come back to life (and blogging) after my time spent in the dark land of sorrow and grief.

Fresh in the spring makes me think of newly formed petals reaching ever so hopefully toward the sun.



Even the rain, which seemed so dreary throughout the winter, now has a fresh feeling to it.


The first day of each season always feels like a good time for a fresh start, especially with my blog. Often on these days I like to change my theme, create a new tagline or create a new page. After so many weeks off from blogging, I feel like more major changes are in order for this particular fresh start. Maybe even a new name to reflect my fresh start and new goals!


13 thoughts on “Fresh

    1. Thank you. It is feeling, smelling and looking very fresh and springy around here! I hope you’re still having nice, spring-like weather too. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The raindrop photo was exciting to capture. I’ve been hoping for more macro photo opportunities but there always seems to be just enough breeze to prevent them. :/

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