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A new world record and an enviable problem

Last weekend my mom and I drove to Portland, Oregon with Michael for his first weightlifting meet of the year. He trains with a team in Seattle and competes in the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (WABDL).

These meets are a lot more interesting than I thought they’d be. Before I went to one, I expected lots of muscle-bound guys stomping around and flexing in spandex shorts and muscle shirts. There are a few of those (mostly minus the stomping and flexing)  but most of the people look like average people and most you’d never in a million years guess are weightlifters. There were students from a school for the disabled, young people, middle-aged people and older people, including several in their 80’s. I’m always in awe of the older people and it was fun to watch one woman’s grandchildren flock onto the stage to hug her after her lifts.

At this meet, Michael’s team only did the bench press and they all did very well. Most team members took first in their weight class, including Michael. Of course with Michael, I don’t think there was anyone else in his weight class. He’s 18-years-old and only weighs 92 lbs. (Before you call CPS, remember he’s from India and only weighed 2 lbs 5 oz at birth!) I couldn’t believe it when he weighed in at exactly the same weight as last year. The kid eats. A lot! And lays around watching TV and playing video games. A lot! It’s so unfair! Of course, I’m sure he’d rather put on some size and weight but, still, I envy his problem. I went to the doctor on Thursday and, as usual, the number on the scale was higher than last year. 😦

Anyway, Michael lifted 176 lbs. This is 11 lbs over the world record he set back in November at Worlds. If I hadn’t seen him lift before, I think I would have fainted at the sight of his little body under those huge plates at the ends of the bar. See for yourself!

All TV watching and video game playing aside, he trained so hard for this. We’re very proud of him. I’m continually amazed by how hard he works and by how strong he is. I’m pretty sure the bar alone would have crushed me back when I weighed 92 lbs!


5 thoughts on “A new world record and an enviable problem

    1. Even though I’ve seen it many times now, I still can’t believe that little body can lift all that weight! Of course, his arms, shoulders and abs are totally ripped. He’s always been all muscle.

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