A Visit to Blackmans Lake


Saturday Don and I drove to Blackmans Lake in, you guessed it, Snohomish! Why do we go to Snohomish so much, you might wonder. Well, mostly because it’s a small town (just under 10,000 people) and it’s only six miles from here. There are other sort-of-towns that close but Snohomish is a real, historic small town, with a main street, a riverfront park, a recreational trail and several other parks. Unlike most “towns” in this area, it doesn’t feel like another suburb. I love going to Snohomish! I love it so much that I want to live there once my kids are out of school. And, luckily, one of my closest friends, Bernadette, lives there, which makes me wish I could move there now.

Saturday we went to explore the two parks on the shores of Blackmans Lake. Neither one was a big park and Blackmans Lake is surrounded by houses and power lines and really isn’t all that pretty. Luckily, on this particular day, the clouds above had that March-like turbulence, which made the scene much more interesting.




The first park we stopped at (pictured above) seemed mostly like a place to fish or picnic, although there were ducks and geese there.

At the second park, on the other side of the lake, the ducks and geese were definitely the main attraction. We enjoyed watching these three hoodlums chase a couple of mallards out of this spot and then get a taste of their own medicine when they stumbled into the territory of the white geese.


They were hilarious! Once they’d stolen this spot from the mallard couple, they had a long conversation, all of them talking at once. I imagined that they were bragging about how tough they were and laughing at the mallards they chased away. But then they met up with the white geese who chased them round and round. It was quite entertaining!


Now that I’m looking at the picture, I’m not sure if this is a goose or a duck!  Whatever they were, they were very bold and seemed to enjoy hamming it up for us.

I’m glad we went there last weekend because Smarty will be with us for future excursions and dogs weren’t allowed at the park with the ducks and geese.


11 thoughts on “A Visit to Blackmans Lake

  1. I love that tree – trunk all chewed up at the bottom with those crazy branches. Gosh, ducks are the cutest things ever, they make me happy! These are great captures, Trisha, and it looks like it was a lovely day.

  2. Those are some really weird ducks!! The picture with three of them- they’re very strange! The far left looks like almost like a female mallard, but her neck ring isn’t there. The middle as well, but with a blue beak! Perhaps a cross between a mallard and a widgeon? The right, a mostly black duck, and really big? It’s got a bit of the green mallard head- perhaps a cross between a domestic black duck and a mallard? I think the white one is a domestic duck, albeit a wild one; they’re bigger than ‘wild’ ducks, but geese are huge, and they have a different beak shape.
    Regardless- neat pictures! And so good to get out and enjoy the spring. This area of the world has the BEST, longest springs. I love it!!


      1. Hmmm, I’m thinking that it might be a bit more direct- perhaps a bit of the birds with the slightly different birds…. Perhaps they have decided to throw off the shackles of categorization and taxonomy; to embrace new, unique colour combinations as a form of duckly expression…

        [Actually, I’ve seen it before at the local bird sanctuary. Certain size-compatible ducks, such as Mallards and Widgeons, will inter-breed if they are part if the same ‘flock’, often a resident, non-migratory group in a park or bird sanctuary]

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