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Monochrome – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Week 13


I’ve spent the last hour coming through my archives looking for monochromes for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. The first photos that came to mind for this challenge are some I took on the ferry to Bainbridge Island last spring. It was a gray, cloudy day and everything in the photo was gray, from the waters of the Puget Sound to the Seattle skyline. But do you think I could find those photos? Of course not! So you’re stuck with photos of flowers. I took both of these using the extension tubes I recently bought. The one above is a dandelion and the one below is a bloom from the camellia in my backyard. I was happy with the dandelion, not so much with the camellia. I’m beginning to think there’s some secret for capturing bright reds and pinks but I haven’t yet discovered what it is. If you know, please share!


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge


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