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Which Way Would You Go?

Looking north toward Skagit and Whatcom counties and British Columbia


Looking south toward Seattle and Portland.

Railroad tracks wind along the western shore of the Puget Sound. Some people might find them ugly and think the coastline is ruined but I happen to love trains, so I’m glad they’re there. Even though I’ve never ridden the Sounder or the Amtrak along this route (well, once as a kid but I don’t remember much about it), I dream of doing so someday. What an amazing view you would have through this stretch! The only question is, would I go south to Portland or beyond or north to Vancouver, B.C.? For practical reasons (lack of an enhanced ID to cross the border), I would probably go south to Portland but I always feel this strange pull to the north. It’s the rugged north country that calls out to me. What about you? Which way would you go?

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Week 13

Which Way


6 thoughts on “Which Way Would You Go?

  1. I love the Oregon Coast, but I think I’d definitely want to head north. I’ve never been on a train. Go get that “enhanced ID” girl – you’re going to need it when you go over to the UK someday. 😉 I keep meaning to get my passport, maybe the day I finally do is when the universe will open up for the opportunity for me to go. Heck, I should go get it tomorrow – I’ve always dreamt of going to the UK for my 50th birthday and it’s coming up this August.
    Lovely photos, Trisha!

  2. Hi Trish. Enjoyed your photos of the Northwest. Some remind me of the Northeast coast of Maine, where I visited a couple decades ago. A friend of mine is taking a train trip this summer from Vancouver, BC eastward w/her husband. Nature can renew and bring a balance when times can be challenging.

    1. I would love to see the coast of Maine! I bet it was so beautiful. Your friend’s upcoming trip sounds interesting. I would love to do something like that one day too. Thank you for stopping by!

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