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Better Late Than Never – Abandoned


There are have been several photo challenges that I’ve been excited about, taken pictures for and then totally missed the deadline. Take Dawn’s A Lingering Look at Architecture series over at The Day After. February’s theme was abandoned and I was so excited to get out and look for abandoned houses.

I’ve always had a thing for abandoned houses. Maybe it comes from growing up in a ghost town where all the buildings had long ago burned down or washed away. Imagine hearing, “yeah, this is where the___________ used to be,” over and over and over. I didn’t want to see where buildings used to be, I wanted to see the buildings! We did have an abandoned church (we kept hay and goats in it) and there were several abandoned houses within breaking and entering distance and I was pretty much obsessed with them all. But I didn’t get any photos with my crappy little camera. So, here was my second chance!

Only problem is, abandoned buildings are hard to come around here these days. Things rot away and fall down quickly in our wet climate. And, it ain’t the 70’s anymore. Most recently abandoned houses look like they were formerly used as meth labs.

Who else thinks there’s probably meth residue in the kitchen of this little gem?

I did find some cool barns, which look abandoned, but probably aren’t.



After much driving around and not finding those abandoned beauties I dreamed of, I finally remember this house down on Seattle Hill Road that was abandoned after its owner got busted for selling more than coffee at her espresso stand. (While we do have many bikini barista places that sell more than coffee around here, this particular one was selling weed, or so I heard.)


I stopped and snapped a photo of it with my iPhone but was disappointed with how ugly it was. But no worries, that’s what Snapseed is for! With a few tweaks and a grunge filter, it became a creepy house almost worthy of my abandoned house obsession.


My search for abandoned houses wasn’t complete until Don and I stumbled upon the house at the beginning of the post. It sits just down the street from a house we tried to buy in Snohomish years ago and it’s become the new object of my abandoned house obsession. If I win the lottery, I will save it!

Not quite so haunted-looking without creepy filters

I guess part of my obsession with abandoned houses is wondering what could have happened to make a family leave such a beautiful old house to rot away. If walls could talk, a house like this would have so many stories. So many holidays, birthdays and dramas happened here. And now it sits. Empty. Alone. Unloved.

I want it.


6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never – Abandoned

  1. My neighborhood was brimming with abandoned houses as little as a year ago… but most have been fixed up and are now occupied again. As for my old neighborhood…. well, it’s in an area nobody buys houses in anymore, so the city often condemns and razes the homes after people move out… which keeps them from turning into meth labs!

    1. It must have been weird to have so many empty homes around you, although I enjoyed it when the house next to ours was empty. The best neighbors are the ones that don’t live quite so close! Closer in to town, empty houses get razed to the ground pretty quickly here too. If they don’t, they usually get burned down. I’m surprised the one on the edge of my neighborhood is still standing.

    1. I bet there’s a ghost or two lingering in there! I would love to get inside to look around. Unfortunately, they’ve got all the windows covered so well you can’t get even a tiny peek inside.

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