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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


Blurring is something I struggle with in my photography. My eyes just aren’t good enough to tell whether a photo is blurry or in focus until I get it on my computer screen and sometimes I’m not even sure then!

With my new camera, the Sony a5000, the most common problem I have is that only a small part of my subject is in focus, like in the photo above and this one of lichen below.


Sometimes, I also run into the problem of my camera focusing on the wrong thing, like with in this picture of Scooby where my camera focused on the foliage and not the cat.


I got more blurring than I wanted in my first attempt at panning too. The background is supposed to be blurred but I wanted Daniel and the bike to be in sharper focus.


Some of my favorite photos by my photographer friends are mostly blurred and it creates a beautiful effect that elicits a pleasant emotional response. But, with my own photography, I’m never sure. How much blur is too much blur?

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

  1. I’m a huge fan of bokeh, so I like it when part of something is sharp, while the rest is in this soft, fuzzy, unfocused state. I like these photos, even the one of Daniel. I would have liked to see his face in more focus, but you can’t beat the way the background looks in that photo.

    1. I like that soft, fuzzy look in other people’s photos too. I’m just never sure about my own! One of these days, I’ll bribe Daniel into riding his bike up and down the street again for me so I can get a clearer shot. We were both out of patience with each other than day! 🙂

  2. Ha I have plenty of blurred pics, though probably not the way they intended (oops, take again…oops, take another, etc) 🙂

  3. On the depth of field issue, your f-stop and focal length on the lens have a lot to do with it. The wider the f-stop, the lower your depth of field.

    With that said, knowing and doing are two different things. The first thing I do after downloading photos to my computer is delete all the blurry ones. That weeds out a lot of them right away! Thank goodness for digital so I’m not paying to develop them.

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