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Which Way to Scriber Lake?


One of my goals for 2015 is for Don and I to go somewhere outdoors every weekend that it’s not raining. So, when we realized that tax day was almost upon us and we hadn’t turned out tax stuff in yet, I suggested we visit Scriber Lake Park in Lynnwood on our way home from dropping our tax stuff through the mail slot of our tax place.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush when I looked up directions and I accidentally memorized the directions to Scriber Creek Park, not Scriber Lake Park. Even though we parked right behind the Scriber Creek Park sign, I didn’t realize we were in the wrong place. I was too enchanted by the green glow on tree limbs and by a pair of ducks, who refused to post together.



Don was less enthusiastic about the place. “This is the lake?” he said when we passed by a muddy pond.


“Probably just a part of it,” I answered as I followed behind Don and Smarty, taking photos of them on the trails.

Isn’t it just so cute the way Smarty is looking back, waiting for me?


When we came upon a marsh-line trail, Don complained of the smell of the skunk cabbage and the rundown apartment complex on the other side of the trees. I was still high on pollen and the fluffy green foliage and saw a beautiful path.


After passing closer to the rundown apartment complex and the freeway, I finally realized this couldn’t be the place I’d read about and we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. “There’s a boardwalk on the lake somewhere,” I said.

“That’s probably it,” Don said, pointing to this:


“Maybe there’s another entrance,” I said when we got back to the parking lot. I was determined to find that boardwalk and the actual lake. But then a car came speeding into the parking lot and a woman came tumbling out before the car even stopped moving, spewing obscenities and pulling her tube top back up over her boobs as she did so. She continued screaming at the guy inside. Don and I exchanged looks. Prostitution pick-up gone wrong, was our shared thought.

“Let’s just go back to our side of the freeway,” I said as we sped out of the parking before bullets could start flying. We did finally find the right park but neither of us were eager to see what might be happening in the bushes there.

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #15



12 thoughts on “Which Way to Scriber Lake?

    1. I had to laugh at the timing of that broken down bridge appearing right after I said there had to be a boardwalk somewhere. I can’t imagine that anyone used that bridge ever!

    1. I love ducks too. To me, they always seem so peaceful and content but that’s probably because that’s the way watching them makes me feel. They do have benevolent eyes though, like squirrels and deer.

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