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Sunset in the Evergreen State


Friday evening I saw an orange light dancing on the living room wall. I looked out the window to confirm the suspected source of this light. Yes, a colorful sunset! I grabbed my camera and ran out my front door…then didn’t know where to go. The tall trees that give our state its nickname – the Evergreen State – create towering walls in every direction, so that views of the sunset from most places on the west side of the Cascades look like this:


You can find better views of the sunset down in the valley where there are wide open spaces and from places with a view of the Puget Sound. I took the following photo from Legion Park in North Everett in February.

February Sunset

But from here in my neighborhood, the orange glow shining between tree branches is the best I could do. Here in the suburbs, there are trees or buildings everywhere and, given that choice, I will always take the trees.


14 thoughts on “Sunset in the Evergreen State

  1. Lovely images Trisha.

    Sunsets can be hard to capture at the best of times (eg. in open country or down the beach). I think most of my own sunset photos, which have turned out well, have been pure luck.

    To be honest I suspect many professional photographers do a lot of post processing to produce some of those wonderful sunsets on the internet. I much prefer the natural scenes that us amateurs capture (and I don’t mean to say you or I don’t produce great sunset images) 😀

    1. It seems like when I stumble upon the best sunset scenes, I don’t have my camera with me. I’m hoping to change that this year since the Sony Alpha is small enough to carry around without too much inconvenience. I’m sure you’re right about the post-processing. So many photos I see are too beautiful to be “real.” I enjoy the beauty but I also hesitate to tamper with my images too much because I like to remember what scenes really looked like. I do process the heck out of my iPhone pictures though. I enjoy tinkering with the apps. It’s almost like digital art more than photography.

    1. Thank you. After capturing the sunset through the boring wall of evergreens, I thought I try some birch leaves in the foreground. I love the effect, even if there’s not a strong focal point. You can’t go wrong with birch leaves! 🙂

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