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The Paths of North Creek Park


Last weekend Don and I took Smarty to North Creek Park, a chunk of wetland that is quickly becoming surrounded by apartment buildings. Even though the park now feels more like a neighborhood park than a wildlife refuge, we enjoyed walking the boardwalk trails, listening to the birds and eating that utterly delectable wide blade grass.

Okay, so it was just Smarty who ate the grass.





I wanted to try my new lens out with some bird photos but the birds didn’t cooperate. They scuffled right around the trail and sang from nearby bushes but stayed hidden. I finally caught a glimpse of a little marsh wren but it disappeared before I could reach for my camera. Even so, it was nice to get outside into the fresh spring air and to listen to the birds and frogs, even if we couldn’t see them.

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #16



10 thoughts on “The Paths of North Creek Park

    1. Smarty didn’t throw-up but…well, let’s just say we went through the poop pick-up bags very quickly the next morning. We’ll have to watch his grass consumption from now on. Today he took a bite out of someone’s ornamental grass!

  1. I believe in the good of nature walks too. I was happy to see your post about getting out on a nature walk. Hopefully it helped you recharge a bit.

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