Unrequited Love (and Jealousy)


Shorty, the squirrel that I absolutely adore and wrote about here, came to the feeder yesterday. I was overjoyed! I hadn’t seen him for at least two weeks and was worried something happened to him or that he’d moved away. I wanted to rush out the door and throw my arms around him.

“Shorty!” I called out the door. He didn’t look up from his seed crunching. “Shorty! I’m so happy to see you!” I cooed. Nothing. “Here, do you want some peanuts?” I held one out the door. He didn’t even look over. He just kept crunching. And that’s when I knew: He doesn’t love me back. He just comes for the seed.

I was crushed. I’ve adored that little guy for months. I thought we had something special. But, no. He was just using me. 😦

I’ve been feeling less loved all round lately because Scooby, my Precious,  has withdrawn from me since Baby died.

He’s always looking over his shoulder, ready to glare and hiss

While Baby was still here, Scooby slept cuddled up behind my knees. I’d wake up feeling completely trapped with Baby on one side of me and Scooby on the other. Once Baby was gone, Scooby moved over into the middle of the bed and half the time he doesn’t even sleep on the bed anymore. He doesn’t follow me around, kissing on my legs and feet as much either. I miss him! I think he’s mad because Smarty is with me all the time now. They are jealous of one another. When I try to pet Scooby, Smarty pushes in between us. When I pet Smarty, Scooby gives him the death glare. Then there’s Trouble, Scooby’s brother. He’s been hanging around more and just the sight of him makes Scooby hiss and make this weird huffing sound. It’s a tangled web of jealousy! My one regret about Smarty is that he’s a boy. We didn’t seem to have these jealousy issues when we had a girl dog.

There could be a little jealousy with the human boys too. Both Daniel and Don have made comments about Smarty being a mama’s boy. The other day Smarty was gazing up at me and Don said to him, “it’s a good thing you’re a dog or I’d have to kick your ass for looking my wife that way!”

I appreciate having Smarty around but I still miss Scooby. And Shorty, that adorable little user. I suppose I will adjust to the change in my companions though. This year’s batch of baby squirrels should be coming out of the nest soon. Maybe one of them will be my friend. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Unrequited Love (and Jealousy)

    1. That’s adorable! I can’t believe the dog allows it. And I love how the squirrel just randomly makes those tucking in motions until it knocks the nut out of the fur. So funny! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I take a lot of my squirrel photos through the glass on my slider, but for the opposite reason: they come running when they hear the door open! We had a super friendly squirrel years ago and I think some of them must be her descendants. They’re starting to become more wary now because Smarty chases them and barks at them a lot more violently than Baby did.

  1. You are probably right that Shorty is a lost cause but Scooby may get over his jealousy in time and start talking to you again. When we adopted our cat Polly as a kitten our older cat Jake would not even come in the room if she was there for quite some time but gradually he reasserted his position and was still affectionate with us. Cats never seem to like new pets coming in to the family.

    1. I hope that’s the case with Scooby. I miss really miss him hanging out with me. It took the cats a long time to accept and love our other dog so I guess there’s still hope they’ll come around with Smarty. But maybe not if he keeps getting in between Scooby and I!

    1. I didn’t think about that but, you’re right, he could be. He definitely took Baby’s death harder than the other cats did. He loved Baby and I think he saw her as his equal, in a way.

  2. Haha love this! I love it that Smarty adores you so much, funny what Don said!
    I feel bad for Scooby though, he’s clearly feeling a bit unhappy, 😦 I hope he comes back around soon. ❤
    Squirrels… such little users! 😉

    1. I cracked up when I heard Don say that. I guess Smarty does favor me. I think Scooby would be happy as the only cat. He was happy to be around Baby but she was the only one whose very presence didn’t infuriate him. I hope he’s not still feeling sad. It’s hard to tell with him.

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