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Shorty, is that you?



Short tail – check. Performing adorable antics to beg for food – check. But was it Shorty? I wasn’t sure! The squirrel in front of me looked so small. And red.

I put some food out and watched through my camera. The tail was definitely shorter but it looked a little different from the Shorty tail I was used to.


“Shorty is that you?” I always ask the squirrels stupid questions like this. Like, a) they know what I’m saying, and, b) they can answer. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m more than a little nuts.

Finally, he got into his typical Shorty pose and I knew it was him. The way the end of his chopped off tail sticks up right above his head is one of the reasons I find him so adorable.


Adorable, but not nearly as adorable as he was this winter with his winter coat and layer of chub.



12 thoughts on “Shorty, is that you?

  1. It’s funny how squirrels’ fur patterns can get darker and lighter over time. I was sad when the bright red tail one of my squirrels once flaunted changed towards its more natural grey…

    I wonder if they make tail extensions for squirrels?

    1. That bright red tail must have been really pretty. I am always hoping to see color changes in the squirrels. My dad’s neighbor saw a pure black squirrel. It would be so cool to have a pure black or pure white one around. Tail extension could be fun too. 🙂 I’m picturing Shorty with rainbow stripes!

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