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Seattle Streets


I snapped a couple of photos with my iPhone when we were on our way from Don’s shop to the accident lawyer’s office a couple of weeks ago.  I’m sure I looked like a total… um, what’s the word for an uncivilized country person? I never hear the term hick used anymore but it kind of fits. The way I was gawking at everything must have made it obvious that I’m not used to the city. 🙂


Although being in the city is interesting, it’s definitely not my thing. Being surrounded by buildings makes me feel very claustrophobic and there’s so many things going on in every direction: pedestrians walking out into intersections, buses pulling off the curb with no warning and cars and bicycles whizzing by. Part of me wanted to explore and take more photos but the other part wanted to run for the hills. (The uninhabited ones, of course!)


I really would like to explore more of Seattle. But, when I’m trying to decide where to go, it’s always the places away from people that call to me.

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #18


11 thoughts on “Seattle Streets

  1. In this area, we call them “hoosiers”… not to be confused with the nickname for a person from Indiana, though I’d bet that’s where the epithet came from. The citizens of my hometown proudly call our city a “hoosier town”…

    1. Hoosiers – I always thought that just meant someone from Indiana. I don’t think we use that term out here but maybe that’s because it’s being said behind my back about me! Where I come from, we were called rednecks, hicks and “upriver people,” which was usually used in a very derogatory way. I like learning about terms like this that are used in different places. Does anyone use “yuppie” anymore?

      1. I’ll throw yuppie out every once in a while (usually in a derogatory way), but only because it was such a great 80’s buzzword…

        I think “hoosier” as a redneck synonym is a St. Louis localism…

        1. I had to look up Hoosier, redneck, hick and yuppie at Urban Dictionary. Some of the definitions are pretty funny. It’s interesting that Hoosier is so derogatory in one place and a source of pride for another place.

  2. I’ve never been a lover of city streets either, but when I sold my car in 2003 and started walking more, (or catching public transport), it was easier to go in to the city centre to shop for some things (that I used to purchase from suburban shopping centres when I had a car). Now I have a camera and have taken up photography as a hobby, the city has plenty of contrasting photography subjects and interesting architecture to make those city shopping trips more interesting.

    Personally, I detest ‘window shopping’ and ‘shopping centres’ (or malls as you call them in the US). Beats me why anyone would want to spend all day looking at, or buying, a variety of items that are over-priced and totally unnecessary for daily living. Having said that, I suppose the more you buy, the more you’re keeping lots of people in jobs.

    I just find shopping boring, Trisha.

    As to city streets…….I agree with you……too many people and too much traffic.

    1. I agree about shopping. I don’t enjoy it at all. Last weekend, we went out looking for a cover for our deck and, after two stores, we were very cranky and wondered what it is about shopping that so many people enjoy.

      There are so many good photo opportunities in the city. I often wish I didn’t have such an aversion to crowds or traffic. I just have a wild, uncivilized soul! That’s the good thing about blogging though. I can view the city through blogs from the solitude of my own home. It seems you have the best of both worlds in your new location!

      1. Yes, I certainly do have the best worlds near my new home, Trisha. Good thing too as it’s getting more and more painful to walk far these days.

  3. Thank you. One of these days I’ll get down there with my good camera. Seattle is a pretty city with all the water and mountains around it. Have a great weekend!

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