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The Ways of Willis Tucker Park

Willis Tucker

If you enjoy strolling through lush green forest, you may enjoy Willis Tucker Park. However, if you want the paths you’re taking to lead somewhere other than more trees and underbrush, say to a lake, river or some kind of view, you’re sure to be disappointed at Willis Tucker Park. The paths circle and wind around, going nowhere.

Willis Tucker 2
Michael, Don and Smarty on a path that leads only to the dog park.

Although I’m feeling dissatisfied with life because I haven’t been anywhere new and interesting in weeks, I enjoyed walking through the woods at Willis Tucker, which is just a mile from my house and a place I’ve been to many times. I grew up wandering through salmon berry bushes, nettles and ferns under a canopy of alder and maple leaves, so the woods feel like home to me. I’m surprised my legs aren’t permanently stained green from all the trail blazing I did as a youth. I love the damp, fresh scent of the forest in May and June, the way everything is so fluffy and green. I love how enthusiastic the birds are as they sing about the return to life and how the sunlight dances on the ground between leaves that haven’t yet dried out in the hot summer sun.

Smarty enjoys Willis Tucker Park too, sometimes a little too much. We rounded a bend on a trail in the dog park to find him emerging from a mud puddle. He was so excited to show us his great find.


Before we could stop him, he headed back for more mud wallowing, necessitating a trip to the DIY dog wash place afterward.


So, I guess it is incorrect to say the paths of Willis Tucker don’t lead to anything. Some of them lead to mud puddles! 🙂

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #19


11 thoughts on “The Ways of Willis Tucker Park

    1. Aw, thank you! The new header and new background were part of my procrastination techniques for the day. I’m supposed to be working on an assignment. I’ve got to finish my herb course by the time Daniel goes back to school in the fall. But, here it is 1:30 and I haven’t even started for the day. I’m really good at procrastinating!

    1. We had to laugh at Smarty enjoying his mud puddle so much but it was challenging to get him back in the truck without wearing the mud ourselves!

    1. Is that unusual for Melbourne? I don’t know much about the climate there. I will have to look it up! I hope the weekend brings you dry days and some energy to get out and enjoy them. 🙂

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