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Tipsy is a Boy?


Tipsy, the squirrel with the tippy head that’s been visiting my yard daily for the past six months and that I wrote about here, is finally able to climb up to the feeders and to sit on her his hind legs.

When I saw her him sitting up for the first time, I made an astounding discovery.


Tipsy is a boy! All this time, seeing him every day, and I thought he was a she. (Sorry for the visual. If I were better at photo editing I could have blurred out the evidence.) When I saw the um…stuff Tipsy was sporting, I stood there staring through the lens of my camera in disbelief. I felt like Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants when, after months (or years!) of knowing Sandy Cheeks, the bikini and flower-wearing squirrel, he realizes she’s a girl.

I was also shocked to realize that Tipsy is running around and climbing without any evidence of his past affliction. I also noticed that he is no longer overly chubby, like he was last fall. (Many squirrels with problems are extra chubby.)

Tipsy, all chubby and tippy, last November

When did all this happen? I guess I’ve been distracted with all the dog and car wreck stuff and haven’t been paying as much attention to the squirrels lately.

He turned out to be a handsome squirrel!

This week, Tipsy, along with all the other regulars, are gone. With the exception of Nutsy that I wrote about last week, squirrels seem to hang around my yard for a year, then move on when the young ones emerge from the nest. I’m glad I finally noticed that Tipsy is doing well, or I would have worried when he disappeared.

And maybe I should worry, although not so much about Tipsy’s well being. A post over at Evil Squirrel’s Nest has me wondering if the adult squirrels disappearing isn’t something more sinister than the normal yearly migration. Read for yourself here!

Makes ya wonder! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tipsy is a Boy?

  1. I have read before that squirrels generally only show off their…. um…. “secret stash” around mating season. The rest of the time, it’s hard to tell the boys from the squirrels. I have one good picture of a squirrel and his nuts, but that one of Tipsy tops it. But with all the squirrels AWOL, I guess he’s all dressed up with no place to go…

    1. Poor guy, it does seem he’s a little late for mating season. Although sometimes I wonder if it goes on year round here. Maybe there’s a batch of summer babies on the way!

      I didn’t know that about squirrels (that they only show their stuff during mating season). Very interesting!

  2. Are you sure Tipsy is the same Tipsy? I have trouble telling squirrels apart. These are great captures, Trisha, I especially like the last one. You sure have a knack for photographing squirrels.

    1. I guess I can’t be a 100% sure it is the same Tipsy! The squirrels are all looking so much more alike now that they’ve shed their winter coats. It did seem like Tipsy though. I hope it was. I’d like to think he’s recovered.

      Jasper, the jay with the hurt wing was here today, which made me happy.

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