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A Beautiful Path


“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” Anatole France


This little path in the yard of Blackmans Museum in Snohomish was so beautiful. It’s a path that begs to be walked, even though it’s not clear whether visitors are welcome to do so.

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #20


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Path

  1. I would walk the path anyway, and then use the Five Man Electrical Band to defend you if needed…

    And the sign said anybody caught trespassin’ would be shot on sight
    So I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house, “Hey! What gives you the right?”
    “To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in”
    “If God was here he’d tell you to your face, Man, you’re some kinda sinner”

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