Squirrel Drama, Jasper Update


The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is put birdseed in the feeders. Few birds come around but the squirrels are usually waiting.

One day this week I ran out of birdseed. That afternoon, as I sat on the couch eating my lunch, a squirrel came out on a branch outside the living room window. It looked alert and energetic at first. I watched as it draped itself on a branch and closed its eyes. It hung there for a little while then moved over to another spot that wasn’t as obscured by branches. It once again draped itself over the branch, closed its eyes and appeared to be feigning death by starvation. I tapped on the window and it just hung there, like it was too weak to move. However, once I put peanuts out, it snapped back to life, the drama apparently having served its purpose. 🙂


The Stellar’s Jays haven’t been around much lately so I was happy to see Jasper, the jay with the dangling wing, sitting in one of the cedars. I was so worried about him last fall and throughout the winter but he’s still alive and appears to be doing well.

So many people complain about the jays (they can be quite noisy and obnoxious) but I’ve missed having them around. They may be common and pesky but I think they are the most beautiful bird we have. They love to hear it too! At least most of them do. Jasper is too wary to hang around for sweet talk and I don’t want to lure him closer just in case Trouble and Scooby see his hurt wing decide he would be an easy target.


20 thoughts on “Squirrel Drama, Jasper Update

  1. Love both your stories and photos. The shadows and lighting really add character to the squirrel and make him/her feel soft and touchable. The way the one arm is hanging is precious. I feel sorry for Jasper and I’m glad he’s back also.

    1. I’ve seen pictures of the eastern jay and I think they’re even more beautiful with the stripes and bands of black and white. (Please don’t tell any Stellar’s Jays I said that though!)

  2. Next time you run out of birdseed, the squirrels will probably re-enact one of those overly dramatic death scenes from the old cartoons. Goodbye cruel world….. oh nevermind! PEANUT!!!

    1. I’m tempted to not put seed out for a few days to see what they do! But I’m too much of a sucker. One look at those cute little faces and I reach for the peanuts.

  3. Wish I had a tree outside my window that had squirrels that lived in it. We use to feed the squirrels downstairs at my Dads place. We always picked up salted ones. One day the market only had unsalted. The squirrel chucked it at me!

    1. LOL! They all seem to have their favorite foods and don’t appreciate anything different! Some people feed their squirrels corn but mine turn their nose up at it. They like unsalted peanuts and sunflower seed and get mad if neither is available!

  4. That squirrel photo is absolutely gorgeous as are all of your shots.

    We recently hung bird feeders but have had no luck in attracting birds or squirrels. The plan is to move them around to other spots so maybe we’ll have better luck.

    1. I think it took the birds and squirrels awhile to find our feeders when we first put them up. I hope they discover yours soon. It is such a joy to have them visit every day!

      1. My little girl and I are anxious to see them. We frequently have Humming Birds hanging around our Bottle Brush trees sipping the nectar. I will post photos of those gorgeous little creatures if we’re able to get any good shots.

        1. I look forward to that! Hummingbirds are so beautiful. I’ve been trying to capture a photo of one for years but their visits are so unpredictable.

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