Photo Challenge Entries

Scenes From First Street


Here are a few more photos from my walk down First Street in Snohomish last Wednesday.

I’ve finally been hit with the wall of fatigue that usually hits me earlier in May so I’ll probably be communicating mostly through photos until the ability to string words together returns to me. If I don’t comment on posts or only leave a few words, it’s nothing personal – just me feeling like a zombie!




Linking to Cee’s Which Way Challenge.


11 thoughts on “Scenes From First Street

    1. You’re in my thoughts and heart too, Julie. Don’t worry about being absent from WordPress. I think everyone understands how much you have going on and enjoys hearing from you when you are able.

  1. Great photos Trisha, looks like it was such a lovely day! 🙂
    I hope this current episode of ‘the walking dead’ staring zombie Trish is over soon. ❤

    1. It was such a lovely day. After so many days of gray, gloomy weather, it’s hard to believe it was so nice and bright just a week ago. The sun came out this afternoon and started to bring me back to life a little. I hope it lasts. I hate feeling like a walker!

      1. Gotta cherish those lovely days when we can get them. Lots of rain here lately, but thankfully some rays of sunshine peeking through in between too. I love how green and lush everything is here from all the rain, but it’s much more enjoyable when the sun is shining. Hope it stays shining there for you! 🙂

    1. Thank you. The sun came out this afternoon and I immediately felt some better and was able to move without feeling like I would die if I took another step. I think the mugginess of the past few days was contributing to my fatigue.

    1. It does say Cathouse Pizza! I’m hoping the name has more to do with what the building used to be than what goes on in there now. Someday I’ll get brave enough to venture inside to see!

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