Faux Hawk Squirrel and Other Unfortunate Shedding Patterns


When I saw this little guy (or gal) sporting a faux hawk, I had to take a photo and I thought it was interesting enough to share, even though this picture clearly shows how horrifyingly rotten my deck railing is. But don’t look at that. Check out the faux hawk! In all my years of squirrel watching, I’ve never noticed this particular shedding pattern. I think it reminds me of Eddie Munster, but I’ve dreamed of this squirrel twice so maybe there’s another association trying to break through the fog in my brain. I asked Don and he said it reminds him of Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner. Does it remind you of anyone?


Scooby has also settled into an amusing stage of shedding. He lost his big fluffy cheeks and fluffy neck but still has the fluff on his body, so he now appears to have a huge, fluffy body and a tiny head. This has earned him the nickname of Pinhead Boo. (He’s Scooby Boo, not Scooby Doo.) He’s not amused by our amusement.


I’ve been trying to get a photo that shows Boo’s disproportionate shape but I think he’s onto me because he’s been extra uncooperative about being a photo subject. I did find an old “fat” picture of him though. It’s a terrible picture but, well, you’ll see.


Poor Boo. I laugh every time I see this photo. I also have to marvel at how much he’s changed. He’s so sweet now! That hateful glare was pretty normal for him until just a few years ago. It took me nearly ten years to win his heart.

Unlike Scooby, Smarty is weathering shedding season with his dignity intact. It’s the rest of us that are suffering. His blond hair floats everywhere and sticks to everything. It will be a miracle if my poor vacuum makes it through the summer.

The one I feel sorry for is Trouble. He doesn’t seem to shed at all anymore and he’s really, really woolly. Yesterday, while the other animals were soaking up the sunshine, he hid out in the shade. I try to brush him but he usually bites me after two or three passes through his wooliness.


This is how he often appears: a featureless black shape lurking in the shadows. He’s changed over the years too. He’s become a psycho scaredy cat. His biggest fear is Don. He snuggles with Don on the couch and sleeps between us every night but, when Don is up and moving around, Trouble comes unglued. I leave one of the drawers in my office pulled out so he has a place to hide.


Since I’ve gotten totally off the topic of shedding anyway, I’m going to through in a photo of my mother-in-law’s cat, Dusty, who is shedding just fine but is a really pretty boy who posed very nicely for me when we were there last weekend.


Unfortunately, his sweet looks are not to be trusted. He was sweet to me but attacked my mother-in-law about five seconds after this photo. I’m hoping that, like Scooby, he mellows as he gets older.

After this ramble, I’m starting to think I should just make it a regular thing: Unfocused Friday!


15 thoughts on “Faux Hawk Squirrel and Other Unfortunate Shedding Patterns

  1. Shedding season is hard on vaccuum cleaners. We have a blonde dog too so I know just how you feel. I seem to be constantly brushing myself down. Even clothes I haven’t worn seem to acquire hairs and as for wearing black…

    1. Yes, forget black! I can’t even get out of my closet before my black has blond highlights. It’s crazy. I swear the dog should be bald by now!

  2. Beautiful squirrel, the fur looks different to the squirrels I see in my city. But they all are way too cute 🙂 Also good shot, did you get that close or did you use a tele lens?

    Also greetings from a person owned by a cat 😀 My cat has much shorter hair but anyway there is not a single place where you wouldn’t find cat hairs. As soon as I cleaned, I find new ones in my rooms or on the clothes 😉

    1. We have had short-haired cats in the past and I think they shed more than long-haired ones! Or maybe it’s just the way the hair spreads out onto everything.

      I shot that particular squirrel photo from about 12 feet away, using a telephoto lens. Some of them will let me get pretty close. They’re a pretty tame, friendly bunch this year. I’ll have to come visit your blog to see where you live. It’s funny how the squirrels can have different markings in different areas.

      1. Yes I think so, I do often hear that shorthair cats do shed a little more than medium- or longhair cats. I don’t know how this can be explained, I would need to Google it 😀

        12 feets that is amazing because the squirrels in my city are more shy, you would need to find a squirrel that is not that shy but this is almost impossible. Looks like your squirrels are less shy. Ours feel safe on the trees and with luck they sit on the lower end of a tree and you get that close, because they feel that safe.

        But in any other case you would probably not get closer than around 30 feet or so. When it comes to photography I do try to stay “invisible” now, because my Nikon kit lens doesn’t have the reach for longer ranges, but as said if they are on the lower end of the tree it’s less difficult to take pictures 😀 But you said too that yours are more tame this year, this is then good to get some great shots 🙂

  3. Everything in my house is covered in black cat hair. It might be even worse if Ody didn’t have a tendency to ingest a lot of his shedding and kindly wrap it up into nasty little packages for me…

    Eddie Munster squirrel… yes, that is a perfect description!

    1. I found one of those nice little packages in the dining room this morning, mixed with some foamy stuff and chewed up grass. Always such a lovely way to start the day!

      That’s two votes for Eddie Munster, so Eddie it will be…if it hasn’t already shed off the white hair. All the squirrels here are turning reddish brown, really fast.

        1. We have some of the little red squirrels around but they seem to stay in the upscale part of our neighborhood and don’t come slumming it down by my house very often. The snobs!

  4. That shot of Dusty is GORGEOUS, it belongs in a book or on a magazine cover about cats. I love everything about it!
    I can’t relate to the shedding – with three cats and a dog, I’m in the same boat. There’s pet hair everywhere, my Mom and I joke about it all the time saying that we live in a hair house, but that’s better than a whore house. 😉
    I’m feeling extremely hateful toward squirrels right now, so it’s hard for me to enjoy your great photos of mr/ms faux hawk. I can’t explain the reasons for that right now, but I do plan on trying to write a post about it at some point in the future. After I cool down a bit.
    I love that first photo of Scooby, he reminds me of my Mom’s cat, Gus. It’s hilarious that you said “He’s not amused by our amusement.” Haha!
    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Trisha! ❤

    1. Uh oh. Sounds like the squirrels have been naughty at your place. They sure can be destructive. I was not happy that they beheaded all my sunflower seedlings. They eat all my bulbs and dig things out of my pots too.

      A hair house is better than a whorehouse- lol! That’s a good one! I’ll have to remember that next time someone complains about blond dog hair on their black pants. 🙂

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