Photo Challenge Entries

Playing with Perspective

When I saw Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge theme for the week was perspective, as in an unusual angle or point of view, I saw an opportunity to play and, hopefully, learn. As a very newbie photographer, I am still unsure of the best perspective to shoot many subjects, so I thought finding an unusual one that worked could be a bit tricky.

At the Memorial Day car show in Everett, I shot a couple of cars from what felt like an odd perspective.

Maybe what’s odd about this one is that I caught Elvis in the background!
And oddest about this one is the knife mounted to the tailgate!

I tried shooting a building while standing down at the base.


And I tried shooting a begonia from behind but foliage got in the way. :/


Then I tried getting shots of my furry companions from down on the ground so they would look huge. Unfortunately, they turned out too dark, but not dark enough to be a silhouette.


Then I finally got over to the power lines at sunset to get the shot that had been on my mind all week: the underside of a daisy against the sunset. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to turn my ISO  down and, at 1000, digital noise was obvious in all but a couple of shots.



The first of these sunset shots was close to what I was hoping to get. The second one didn’t turn out quite like I expected, but there’s something I like about it anyway. I imagine it’s how sunset appears to the bugs on the daisy stems, although who knows how their eyes really see it!

I would like to thank Cee for hosting these challenges. They provide such a great opportunity to get out to practice. Thank you, Cee, for all the hard work you put into running your challenges!


20 thoughts on “Playing with Perspective

  1. I really like that last one of the stems too. Every so often I end up with a photo I took that I think most people would consider an odd dud, but for some reason I end up really liking it every time I look at it. I figure as long as it makes me happy that’s all that matters.

    1. Yeah, me too. Sometimes there’s just something about the colors or something in the photo that I like. I love sunset silhouette photos but I’m having trouble finding good locations. I just don’t get out to scout enough.

    1. Those T-birds are so beautiful! My husband and I are drooling over a 1929 Model A truck that is for sale down the street. I’m not a car person, but I love the old ones!

  2. I’m freaking out right now about that underside daisy shot! I don’t know what ISO or digital noise is, all I know is how it makes me feel, and I LOVE it so much! ❤

    1. I’m so glad you like it! When the sun returns, I’ll go back down there and see if I can get some more shots like that. I love sunset silhouette photos!

  3. I do agree with those who feel your last 2 photos of the underside of a daisy and stems are wonderfully unique shots. I do like the furry friend photo also, even though it’s a bit dark. He/she looks like a stone sculpture.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like them. I’m eager to get out to get more sunset shots. It’s hard to find good spots here though because of all the trees.

  4. Love the sunset shots Trisha.
    (I think this challenge would have been a hard one for me if I’d attempted it – I usually see subjects front-on and at about waist or head height).

    1. Me too, especially buildings and cars and things like that.

      I hope you are feeling well and recovering from your surgery. You’ve been in my thoughts.

      1. Recovering remarkably well, Trisha. Going home tomorrow morning, but will have to be very careful for 3-4 weeks at home.
        (the Doc thought it very funny that I wanted to go home last week……3-4 days after surgery…… 😀 )

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