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Signs on First Street


Continuing with my First Street in Snohomish theme, here are a few of the signs I captured on my photo walk down the historic main street of the antique capital of the northwest. I must have been hungry because I have almost all restaurant signs and no antique store signs. 🙂




After looking at these again, I see I could have framed and/or edited a couple of them a bit better. But I’m too tired and have too many other things to do to be a perfectionist right now. The weeds in the front yard are calling my name. And if I get them all pulled, I’m going to reward myself by stopping in at the Snohomish Creamery and Espresso Café!

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.


11 thoughts on “Signs on First Street

    1. I decided I’m going to go in Cathouse Pizza and inquire about the name. Since I’m not famous, I figure it’s safe and there won’t be any photos of me with the caption, “Trisha Pearson seen visiting local brothel.” 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t have thought of taking photos of signs except that Cee, from Cee’s Photography, has signs as one of the topics for her weekly Which Way challenge. She always finds really interesting ones and now I find myself looking for them. I look forward to seeing the signs from your area!

  1. Great shots Trisha, I don’t hear any weeds calling my name, but I can certainly hear the call for the Snohomish Creamery and Espresso Cafe! 😉 Hope you got those weeds pulled so you could reward yourself with the likes of that place.

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