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Sharing My World – Week 23


Things are sure topsy-turvy here this week. Daniel has five baseball games, Michael has his last day of school and graduation and we’re having a little graduation party for Michael here on Saturday, which means I have to have my house cleaned and food prepared. All this would be too much for my tired, achy body on a good day but add in the 80 degree temps that are in the forecast for the week and it’s a recipe for misery. I just don’t do well in the heat. I have no energy, my inflammation flares up until I’m extremely uncomfortable all the time and I get cranky. Like, really, really, throw-things-across-the-yard cranky.

Still, as I started the week, I decided to make the best of it, think of the positive things and have a good week. Ha!

First, Daniel’s game last night got moved at the last minute from Snohomish (close to home where I like to go) to Bellevue (far away through hellish rush hour traffic in the city where I hate to go). I was so tired and overwhelmed that I cried when I got the email. Yes, I’m that weak. But we found a ride for Daniel so I decided to skip his game, even though I’m probably going to miss all his games this weekend. But that was okay because I could watch his game tonight. Ha!

The coach decided that Daniel is sitting out the game tonight because he didn’t run as hard on a foul ball as the coach thought he should have. It’s funny because I hear him yelling at all the kids for this, even his favorites, but none of them have had to sit out. But Daniel does. So, I get to wash his uniform, feed him and rush around to get him to the field so he can sit on the bench and I can…. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. I may hang around in case Daniel gets yelled at, but I’m not sitting and cheering for the team. I’m just not that nice of a person. In fact, I hope they lose. Seriously. A few more losses should ensure that “we” don’t get into the playoffs. The season can’t be over soon enough for me. The minute Daniel has had enough, we’re gone.

So, once again, I’m readjusting my plans and expectations for the week. I will focus on the good things: Michael gets to be done with the school he dislikes so much. I have a birthday to celebrate. (I’m going to focus on the dinner out and the cake and the gifts and not the fact that I’m turning 45, which, for some reason, sounds so much older than 44). I am looking forward to seeing family on Saturday, even though I wish it weren’t happening at my house. And tonight, while I’m hanging around to see if I need to go all angry mama bear on the coach’s ass, I may get a chance to photograph osprey. Last year, there were several nests in the stadium lights at the park we’re going to.

Well, I’ve babbled far too long so I’d better get down to the business of Cee’s Share Your World questions for the week!

For your blog do you basically use Mac or Windows applications.  What type of device laptop, desktop,tablet, phone or pad? I prefer to use Windows on my desktop. I answer comments and sometimes read blogs on my iPad or iPhone but don’t care for the setup for creating posts. Plus, I suck at typing on virtual keyboards.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? Hm. I’m just too practical of a person to enjoy what many people would consider the finer things. For example, I don’t understand spending a bunch of money to have some guy’s name on the side of my purse. I would like a long vacation, but not in a luxury hotel. Five star service makes me uncomfortable. I’m capable of carrying my own bags and would prefer to do so in privacy rather than have some dude lurking around with my not-designer bags in tow. To me, the “finer” things are peace, quiet and solitude and I treat myself to them every chance I get!

Can you change a car tire? Probably not if my husband had been the one to tighten the lug nuts, or whatever they are called. He’s strong and I have incredibly weak hands and arms.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m still reeling with gratitude about the scholarship Michael won last week! This week, I’m looking forward to spending my birthday evening with Don, Michael and Daniel.

Thank you for “listening” to my rant. I feel better now. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 23

  1. The heat makes me cranky too. Good luck with the ospreys. I’ve never seen one, but hope to some day.

    1. I saw the nest but no ospreys this time. One place I see/saw them frequently was Lake Tye in Monroe. One flew right over my head with a fish in its talons! They’re fun to watch.

  2. Peace, quiet and solitude would have to be on the top of my list too, Trisha.

    The rare occasion I see family (not often) or friends (even rarer), I enjoy their company for a couple of hours, but I find it really tiring having to concentrate on conversations after that and when I tire, my eyes glaze over and it starts to sound like a foreign language.

    I find the best way to be sociable is take a couple of strong analgesics 1 hour before hand and then…..after a while, let other people do the talking.

    I’m better at having a quick chat to a stranger when I’m out walking or shopping.

    I know you’ll enjoy the birthday celebrations, but I do understand how tiring it can be. Best to try and have an ‘easy’ day the day after.

    (oh, and Best Wishes for a very Happy 45th).

    1. I’m the same way. Everything becomes a blur after a couple of hours around people. Taking a strong analgesic before socializing used to work for me too, until they started making me feel nauseous. I still might have to take one to get through. I’m not sure which is worse – feeling nauseous or feeling like one giant body ache. At least there are other things to combat the nausea. I am hoping for an easy day after. Daniel has two baseball games but I definitely will not be attending both of them. I may not go to either. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. I like your take on “the finer things”… luxury can kiss my behind!

    I’ve found out that when the mechanic uses a torque wrench to tighten down the lugnuts on your last tire rotation, not even Hercules is going to pop those babies off with a regular lug wrench. The car will fall apart at the seams before my wheels will come off the axle…

  4. Sounds like an extremely busy week in progress there for you! Even though you think this was a rant, I heard a pretty good attitude underneath it in spite of it all.
    I hope you have the happiest of birthdays tomorrow Trisha, filled with lots of joy and love and all that other good stuff! ❤ I don't feel sorry for you turning 45 though… I'll be FIFTY in August. 😉
    I hope all goes well with the grad party on Saturday and that you enjoy it despite all the work it is/will be. I empathizing with you on the heat thing – ugh being hot. It was over 90 degrees here yesterday ew! Hang in there with everything you've got going on my friend, eat an extra piece of cake for me! 😀

    1. 90 – ugh! I really have no right to complain about the heat then. It was in the low 80’s for a few days, then dropped to the upper 70’s, which still kicks my butt in the afternoon when my house gets so hot. I’m really a wimp when it comes to heat. Anything over 72 and I’m like “how long must I endure this hell?” 🙂

      I will eat an extra piece of cake for you, no problem. Thank you for giving me an excuse to eat two! 🙂

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