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New Faces


It’s happened again. All my regular squirrel visitors have moved on and left my yard to the new generation of squirrels, who will be here until the next batch of babies come out of the nest and then they, too, will move on. I feel like I’m running a squirrel frat house!


I’m not really sure where this bobtailed squirrel fits in to the picture though. It wasn’t a regular in my yard but it visited a few times a couple of months ago. Now I see it every few days and it’s comfortable enough to eat out of the feeder on the deck. I’m wondering if it’s an older baby born earlier this spring. I’ve named it Thumper because it looks like a rabbit when it runs.

While I already miss Shorty, Tipsy and Ratty, I’m enjoying the new faces. The overall personality of this year’s batch of squirrels seems to be friendly and tame, although a bit more…well, squirrelly than the previous generation. The first day that all the new ones showed up, I was afraid to go out in my backyard! There was a lot of chasing, squeaking, chirping and jumping going on. My yard was teeming with reddish-brown bodies and bushy tails.

Then things calmed down and it was nap time. I’ve seen several squirrels napping in the past week, although this was the only close enough to get a photo of.


I’ve never wanted to hold a squirrel as much as I wanted to hold this little sleepyhead. It was so cute and so very sleepy!


12 thoughts on “New Faces

  1. I think it’s great you can even tell your squirrels apart from each other! I suck at trying to tell people apart from one another, let alone squirrels that generally all look the same to me. The squirrels love to sack out on the branches here when it’s hot… I got some pictures of one doing just that yesterday.

    1. I can only tell the squirrels apart once they’ve been maimed in some way. Until they’ve lost part of their tail, the hair on their tail, or a chunk of flesh out of their ear, I just call them “Little Friend.” I look forward to seeing your snoozing squirrel photos!

  2. I guess that Thumper was checking out the neighbourhood real estate before he moved in permanently. They obviously have no fear of humans if they are happy to nap in plain sight.
    Lovely pictures of these cute creatures.

    1. The dog chases them, but it doesn’t keep them from coming back. It’s funny to watch the cats and the squirrels together. The squirrels will often approach the cats to check them out and the cats pull their head back and look at them like, “what are you doing?” A few times I’ve seen Scooby or Frosty kind of bat at the squirrels, but without claws.

  3. Aw that last one is really cute. ❤ I'm still feeling hateful toward the squirrels here, but yours are adorable, these are great shots. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry the squirrels are still giving you trouble! They can be so destructive. I brought home some seed pods from a neighbor’s Bachelor Button plant and a squirrel ate them before I could get them in the ground. Now they’re working on my cherry tree, which I have yet to get a cherry from in all the 10+ years that we’ve had it, thanks to the squirrels. But, when they look at me with those cute little faces, I can’t get mad at them. I’ve always been a sucker for small furry animals. 🙂

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