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Close Enough


I thought I would drag out one of my rainbow photos for the WordPress weekly photo challenge but my photo library is such a mess I couldn’t find one. After so many years of using Picasa 3, you’d think I would have it down, but it still perplexes me how current photos end up in three places in folders for 2008-2012 and nothing ends up where it should. Finding anything takes more time and patience than I have today. So, instead of real rainbows, you get a couple of iPhone photos I snapped down in the valley last week.

In the photo above, you kind of have to stretch your imagination a bit to see the orange.

Strangely enough, it’s the red that’s missing in this scrambled version I created.


I hope this sunset photo will make up for the lack of yellow and orange in the previous photos. Notice the slight rainbow halo around the sun!


If you’re still feeling deprived of red, here’s some for you.


I hope that sufficiently covers all the colors of the rainbow. It’s close enough for me, being the rule-breaking slacker than I am. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Close Enough

  1. I did enjoy your journey to try to find the perfect rainbow and the humorous story behind it. The scrambled version is quite interesting. Reminds me of the hippie days.

  2. I love the scrambled version (surprisingly as I’m not a fan of processed images).

    Its years since I used Picasa and wanted to re-look at it the other day and couldn’t remember the word Picasa 😀 As to photo libraries, It took me months to put mine in some sort of order, but all the last few months images are unfilled, so feel like just deleting them all as I can’t bear the thought of any kind of computer chores at the moment.

    My back ends up too painful when I sit for any length of time. Even watching TV at night.

    1. I had a free one month trial of photoshop and Lightroom and I did not process one image with either. I just don’t have the patience to learn a new program. Sorry to hear your back is hurting so much still. I can see why you wouldn’t want to sit at the computer for long. It must be hard to not be able to sit and watch TV. That would drive me crazy because TV watching is what I do to rest my back.

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