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Stalking the Sun


If the sun were shy, it would probably want to file a restraining order against me. I stalk the sun and try to capture its beauty in all its forms. Well, maybe not the midday sun on a summer afternoon. I could do without that blaring intensity! But sun beams, sun rays, sunsets, sunrises, sun dogs, the soft glow from behind clouds, the radiance of a flower backlit by the sun, they all capture my attention and appreciation and inspire me to get out my camera.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a marvelous discovery: the Snohomish Valley, a mere three miles from my house, is filled with golden light just before sunset. It’s harder than I thought to find subjects to silhouette against the sun though. Driving down numerous roads on three separate evenings, I only found this tree to silhouette against the setting sun. But, when time allows, I will be back, searching for more ways to capture this natural wonder.

Linking to the WP weekly photo challenge: Muse.


26 thoughts on “Stalking the Sun

    1. I hope to capture more sunset in the valley pictures soon. It’s sad that it took me so long to figure out how beautiful sunsets are down there. It’s so close. I definitely need to venture out more!

    1. Thank you! I was happy with the way it turned out. Next week I hope to continue my search for an old barn to silhouette. I’m going to try sunflowers too.

  1. What a wonderful scene, Trisha. I love the simplicity of the composition and the beauty of the colour.

    Talking of subjects, is there anywhere you can lie flat (maybe on a rise in the ground) and see the sun through some grass or weeds? I’ll post a shot on my blog to give you an example. Taken in the Botanic Gardens, but it’ll do for what I’m talking about. You may not find something large, but grass might work just the same.

    1. I’ve been looking for a place that I could frame the sun through grass or weeds. The problem is all the trees that obscure the sun when it’s not right overhead. And the lack of parks/public lands in open areas. I look forward to seeing your example!

      1. I find it really hard to get that setting sun between the trees, Trish. Sometimes I take a shot, move a few inches the the left (or right), take another ….and so on. When I get home and dowload the images on my large screen, I’m often disappointed (yet again). It definitely takes practice…..or good luck.

    1. Thank you! One of your photos actually inspired me to try some silhouette sunrise/sunset shots. I think it was a barn with the sun rising behind it. It was stunning!

  2. Such a beautiful capture. I am also in search of a perfect spot near my house to capture the setting sun with interesting subjects to use as silhouette. So glad that you were successful in finding yours.

  3. I love your description of the sun as a natural wonder. That is a great viewpoint. Such a top post to pinpoint the beauty that comes from this big ball of fire.

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