Unexpected Childless Weekend in Olympia


This past weekend, Daniel had a baseball tournament in Centralia, which is about a two to four-hour drive from our house, depending on how terrible traffic is between here and there. On the way down, traffic was terrible. Daniel went with a teammate’s family on Thursday afternoon. It took them four hours. Don and I left about 12:30 on Friday and traffic was terrible. So terrible that we couldn’t get to the Friday game before it ended, so we stopped to check in to our hotel room in Olympia. By that time, Daniel was having a great time with his teammate’s family and wanted to stay with them. This left Don and I with an afternoon, evening and night in Olympia – with no kids! (Michael, not being a fan of baseball or his brother, stayed home.)

It was too hot to do anything in the afternoon so we took a nice, long nap in our air-conditioned hotel room. Then we set out to find some dinner and explore Olympia in the still-too-hot evening.

The next morning, Daniel’s game was at 8:30. They lost and didn’t play again until that evening so Don and I had the afternoon to ourselves. We went back to see the inside of the capitol building, which is open to the public in the daytime. We ended up in the foyer just as a tour was beginning so we joined in. I learned that Washington State really went all out when they built the capitol buildings in the 1920’s. The Legislative Building is built from granite from Mt. Rainier, marble imported from Germany and Italy and some other kind of rock from somewhere that I’ve already forgotten. The dome is the largest masonry dome in North America. It’s much nicer than I expected.

After lunch and another afternoon nap, we went back to the ball park in Centralia to sit in dusty, 95+ degree stands while the SawMillers lost another game. Daniel decided to stay with his friend again, so Don and I went back to the hotel to sleep, shower, eat breakfast and check out. We arrived at the ball park at 7:30, only to hang around while the boys did their warm-ups and then sit around during an hour and half lightning delay. The wait was worth it though, because the SawMillers finally got a win.

The win and seeing Smarty (we missed that old boy so much!) were definitely the highlights of Sunday. It was kind of a bummer coming home to responsibilities again after our hours of freedom over the weekend. But it was nice while it lasted. Olympia is a place I definitely wouldn’t mind going back to.


9 thoughts on “Unexpected Childless Weekend in Olympia

    1. Thank you! I was horrified when I first got them on my computer. Apparently, there was a lot of debris floating in the air when I changed lenses. I’m so thankful for photo editing!

      1. Then I’m even more impressed. I wouldn’t know how to fix that. The most extreme post-processing I’ve ever done is adjusting brightness/contrast.

        It’s interesting you’re so taken with how fancy it is. I mean, yes it’s fancy! But it’s the only state capitol building I’ve ever been in, so I just assumed they’re all like that.

  1. I will never get to the US but it is so nice to see all the pics that you Yankee bloggers post. And it is lovely to get the family side of the chat as well.

  2. What a wonderful little unexpected childless weekend you had! Gorgeous photos! You have a knack for capturing those golden sunsets, so beautiful!

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