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The Ways of Olympia



Although I’d driven through Olympia, Washington numerous times in my life, I’d never stopped and explored there. I knew it was smaller than Seattle and Tacoma, but I just assumed it was similar, with cityscape surrounded by suburbs. So, I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover that Olympia has more of an old town feel to it, with close streets and older buildings. It has kind of a Bohemian vibe too. There are shops with names like Earth Magic and the Druid’s Nook and even the antique stores seem a little new agey, at least from what I could tell by looking in the windows. I liked it!


I also liked walking around the Capitol Campus. We were there after sunset and it was a bit dark for photos so I tried to compensate for the low light by shooting HDR images. My battery was very low and my camera kind of stuttered throughout each HDR image, so they’re not super clear, but I still like them better than the midday shots I took the next afternoon.






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6 thoughts on “The Ways of Olympia

  1. More lovely photos here Trisha. I can’t believe you only looked through the windows of the Earth Magic and the Druid’s Nook shops, I would have had to go inside! 🙂

    1. We got into town so late that Earth Magic and Druid’s Nook were closed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to resist! Olympia is somewhere I would like to explore on a cooler day with no baseball games to get to. I really liked what I saw of it.

  2. You are probably right! Hopefully, it will be as unguarded as the off limits places in the Capitol building. I could have made it up those stairs before anyone caught me.

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