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My Favorite Way


I’m back with more low-quality photos! These are just a few I snapped with my iPhone during short travels in my favorite direction: north.

I love north for several reasons. North is the quickest way out of the suburbs, it is the direction that Snohomish and other smaller towns lie in, and I just have this strange pull to the north, like there’s an inner compass in my head or heart. While many people are drawn to tropical islands in the equatorial region, I’m drawn to the sparsely populated, rugged landscape of Canada.  I’d rather visit Banff than Barbados. Strange, but true.

The intersection above is one of my favorites. It’s where Hwy 9 crosses Lowell-Larimer/Broadway and leaves the tree, car, people and house-covered hillside to cross the flat Snohomish Valley. I always feel a sense of freedom when I cross through this intersection out into the open space of the valley. I love being able to see for miles, to see the big barns that dot the valley and the Cascades that surround it. I think of this intersection as the gateway out of the suburbs.

Turning right at this intersection isn’t bad either. It puts you on Broadway, a winding, twisting, country road that leads to more winding, twisting country roads. It looks a bit different from the Broadways in Seattle and Everett and, I would imagine, that more famous Broadway.

Look! No freaks, drug dealers or hookers!

Along some of the roads in the valley, is one of my favorite signs.

01070df7cd31f5e69ed6ca5411be2d0e32e7936f07I love the image of the tractor and farmer on this sign. Something about it strikes me as funny. And, if I’m going to get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, I’d prefer it was behind a tractor in the valley. At least the view is good out there!

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