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Degraded by Dogs (and a Cathouse update)


Because of my vivid imagination and possibly twisted sense of humor, this sign totally cracks me up. The way the weird humanoid figure is trying to keep their body far away from the dog “waste”, the thick legs on the dog, the stink lines and flies and the description of dog waste as a “threat” to children; they all strike me as funny. Also amusing is that town with a bunch of mini slums is worried about being “degraded” by dog poop!

A few weeks ago, I posted another kind of funny sign from Snohomish:


I was so curious about why the place would be called Cathouse Pizza, that I finally went in to ask. I was told it was named Cathouse Pizza for two reasons: the first is that the former owner was a Cougar, as in an alumni of WSU, not an older female who preys on younger men. Bor-ring! Half the population of Washington identifies as a Cougar or a Husky. The second reason was more interesting and is what I suspected; the upstairs of the building was used as a brothel, back in the early days of the town. However, the atmosphere of Cathouse Pizza doesn’t retain any of that brothel character. It’s pure sports bar and looks like a nice place to have a beer and watch a game, if you’re into that kind of thing. I may order takeout….

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Challenge.


10 thoughts on “Degraded by Dogs (and a Cathouse update)

    1. I agree! The graphics are very humorous. And apparently effective because the sign got my attention, although I always pick up after my dog in parks anyway.

  1. They should put that burglar cape and hat they use on the Neighborhood Watch signs on the threatening waste!

  2. Ha! I knew there had to be a brothel connection to Cathouse Pizza! I mean, just look at the eyes on that cat… he’s obviously looking at some fine pus…. um, female cats!

    If the flies are circling the dog’s poo as soon as it’s being evacuated, there are either too many flies in the town (And they are also a threat to children), or the dog has an issue the vet may need to take care of. I’m always amused when I see all the pooper scooper regulations, because nobody cleans up after their dog around here…. not when I was growing up, not now. And I never once felt threatened by that…. shoes wipe off.

    1. I thought the cat looked a little deranged but I didn’t think of that. You could be right!

      Smarty didn’t poop in Snohomish, so I didn’t get to find out if flies immediately circled. I’m thinking if that’s a common problem in Snohomish, I’d better not take him there, lest it be contagious!

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