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Old, With an Uncertain Future



Alone and showing signs of decay and neglect, the Point Wilson Lighthouse sits on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in a fenced off section of Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, Washington. The original light sat atop of a tower on the tall section of the house above. It was activated on December 15, 1879. The light was moved to the stone lighthouse in 1913. It has been automated since 1976 and, since then, has been closed to the public.

Looking at the place, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. The buildings are owned by the coast guard and the state of Washington has considered buying them but, at the current time, it appears nobody is doing anything to preserve them. Point Wilson may be the most neglected lighthouse in the state.

Another old, but better cared for, Port Townsend building with an uncertain future is the Ann Starrett Mansion.


It was lovingly built in 1899 by contractor George Starrett for his wife Ann. A huge Queen Anne mansion of 5,796 square feet, it is filled with amazing (though too Victorian for my taste) details, including a solar calendar in the top of the 70 foot dome, painted with angels in Ann’s likeness.

The house is now a boutique hotel but is up for sale as a private residence. With eight bedrooms and seven baths, it’s definitely not your average home. Although it’s listed for a mere $750,000, I would imagine the upkeep on something like this would be quite an undertaking. And cleaning 5,796 square feet of space and three floors? No, thank you! Although it’s not my cup of tea, I do hope it’s next owner will care for it as well as its prior owners. And they’d better: the house is rumored to be haunted by several entities, including a nanny who thumps complaining visitors on the head!

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18 thoughts on “Old, With an Uncertain Future

    1. You’re so right – lighthouses are usually in beautiful locations to begin with. And then there’s all that history. I love reading old journal entries from lighthouse keepers.

    1. I know what you mean. If I had a ton of money, I’m sure I would spend a lot of it having old buildings restored. Everything falls to ruin so quickly in our damp climate.

  1. 7 baths…. that just doesn’t sound as fun as having 7 people and one bath. I coulda used ghost nanny to thump my sisters on the head when they’d take too long in the bathroom…

    1. No, I would imagine that 7 people with one bath would be a much greater adventure! Even with just the four of us here, there have been times we’ve been extremely grateful to have more than one bathroom. All that gratitude fades when it’s time for those bathrooms to be cleaned though. I would take ghost nanny, if she helped with the cleaning and/or thumped people on the head for not flushing or having bad aim. 🙂

  2. Great shots, Trisha! I love Port Townsend – the lavender festival in Sequim (not too far away) was this past weekend, I was dreaming of being there…

    1. I would have dreamed of being there too, if I had known it was last weekend. I would love to see the lavender fields with the Olympics in the background. It’s got to be so beautiful! Port Townsend is one of my favorite towns of all the places I’ve been.

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