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Baby Seagulls


Living near the Puget Sound my whole life, I’ve seen seagulls many times. But, until our trip to Port Townsend on Thursday, I’d never seen a baby seagull. Or seagulls panting, which these appeared to be doing.

These crazy gulls built a nest right on the top of the piling next to the deck of the Keystone Ferry at the Coupeville terminal. Not only was the little family in plain sight of and in close proximity to humans, they were out in the blazing sun and they all had their mouths hanging open. I wanted to get them an umbrella and some water!




I’m hoping the parents found a way to get these little ones down to the water or into some shade because it was miserably hot here over the weekend. Thinking of those cute, speckled little critters out in the blazing hot sun makes we wish I had grabbed them and brought them home in my camera bag.


23 thoughts on “Baby Seagulls

  1. I’ve seen a million seagulls, but I’ve never seen babies before either. Great pics.

    My bird excitement today was finally seeing as osprey. I saw it flying overhead and thought, hey wait, what is that? Then, I think it’s an osprey! What confirmed it was seeing the nest it was heading to on top of a cell tower. Definitely an osprey nest. Unfortunately I was going 35 mph on a busy road so couldn’t get any pics.

    1. Yay, I’m glad you finally saw one! They’re fascinating to watch. Now we just have to wait for the opportunity to see them when we have a camera in hand. I saw a bald eagle in Port Townsend but it was perched in a tree and showed no signs of moving. I got a few photos but no good ones. Maybe we’ll have better luck with the birds next time. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen baby gulls before either. Cute cheeps, hopefully they got their fill of Vitamin D from the sun and enjoyed the shade shortly after πŸ™‚

    1. I’m sure they’ve reached their quota of vitamin D! I think we all have here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m starting to think it’s never going to rain again.

  3. I just love that first shot showing the little chicks with their mouths open. I’ve never seen a young seagull either. No idea where they might nest in any of the places I go to do photography.

    1. I think they nest in rocky places high up on cliffs and hillsides but I’ve never actually seen their nests, only them swooping in and out of the rocks. They must normally do a good job of hiding their nests. I’m not sure what they were thinking building this nest right by the ferry!

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