The Break is Over


The lovely clouds that have kept us cool and gave us some much-needed rain are predicted to leave us today and hot weather is back in the forecast. Booooo! We’ve already had more than our average number of days above 80 degrees and we’ve already had more than our average number of days above 90. I’m done! I choose to live here in the Pacific Northwest in part because we usually only have around twenty-four days above 80 and four days above 90. I feel I’ve done my required amount of suffering and summer should be done for the year. I didn’t sign up for this long summer business!


The long, dry summer is wearing on some of our trees and shrubs too. Over the weekend, I stumbled upon many trees with yellow leaves…leaves that shouldn’t be yellow until October and definitely haven’t changed due to cool night temperatures and lack of daylight. I’m worried that this long summer is going to ruin our fall color.

In one way, the return of sunny weather might be good for me though. I can’t shake this feeling of impending gloom and doom. Maybe the clouds going away will at least help with the gloom part of that.

Scooby is sure to help too. This morning I found him sitting on the dining room table in the opening of a pizza box.


Although I don’t like it when his shenanigans include getting on the table, I can’t help but smile at the weird places he tries to make a nest.


17 thoughts on “The Break is Over

  1. We’re getting a heat wave here also. The lack of some cooling breeze is stifling. We only had one day of rain within the past few weeks. No forest fires yet like in Western Canada. That’s a blessing! Scooby is so cute!

    1. I hope you get some more rain and a cooling breeze! I’m so grateful for the rain we had. I hope it helped put out the fires in Western Canada. I haven’t heard. Our news is so US-centric. It never mentions Canada, unless it’s something that effects us here. It’s kind of ridiculous that they don’t even cover news from Vancouver. We’re so close.

      1. Thanks. I’m hoping for some rain also and for the heat to subside. I think British Columbia is still having a hard time with forest fires. That’s really eye-opening about your news being US-centric because we get so much of your news from Obama visiting Kenya to Donald Trump’s popularity to forest fires in California to the shooting in a movie theater.

        1. Ugh. Sorry you have to hear about all the dysfunction down here! Thankfully, most of the insanity is back east or down south. It’s a lot more peaceful out here in the Pacific Northwest, although Canada still looks more appealing to me every day. You have such a beautiful country!

          1. Yes, Canada does have a very diverse, natural beauty. In by 20’s, I traveled from one coast to another, but on a limited budget so I didn’t get to see popular tourist attractions that can be costly. I’ve always wanted to take a boat cruise up the B.C. Coast. I did enjoy Jasper and Stanley Park, camping in a tent.

  2. I’ve been thinking all day yesterday and today, Monday is the last day of bliss. But at least the forecast for the week for north Seattle is for low 80s, rather than mid to high 80s. I’ll take what I can get!

    1. That is good to hear about the low 80’s. I keep hearing the weather people use the dreaded words “near 90.” Hopefully, they are talking about the eastside or the south sound. Low 80’s sounds much better!

  3. That photo of Scooby made me smile.

    Yes, you may find the trees have shed their leaves prematurely and you don’t get much of colour in the Fall at all.

    1. I’m hoping our rain over the weekend was enough to keep the trees happy for awhile. I’m already feeling depressed about this long summer and the prediction of another boring non-winter ahead because of El Nino. A year without fall would just be too much!

  4. Scooby is freaking adorable! ❤ And naughty 😉
    I love that first shot from underneath.
    Stay cool there my friend, not too much longer that you'll have to endure summer…

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