First the Groceries


My number one goal for this week is to get ungrumpy. I’ve been in kind of a funk for weeks and I need to snap out of it. Baseball season is finally over. I’m free! Michael finally has a car (although it’s not licensed and all that yet, it will be soon). Soon, I won’t be trapped at home without a car! These are really good things but I just haven’t been able to summon up any gratitude for them.

This morning, I tried to remember the things I used to enjoy about the summer, so I can do them and start enjoying life again. I remembered that I used to enjoy mornings sitting on the deck, watching the birds and squirrels as I ate breakfast or sipped my coffee. So, I went out on the deck and sat down with my coffee. A squirrel came to the feeder and sat, watching me as it munched on peanuts. It was nice, peaceful, relaxing…for all of two minutes. Then my neighbor opened his garage door and cranked up his radio. And I remembered: This is why I don’t enjoy outside anymore. There’s always someone playing loud music or running power tools of some kind. Always.

Then I remembered that I have to go grocery shopping today, which has become my number one anger-inducing activity. When feeling this irritable, proximity to other people is unbearable. And people are SO annoying at the Fred Meyer nearest my house, which is where I need to go because I’m out of the birdseed that doesn’t make a huge mess on the deck. There’s just no point in trying get ungrumpy before going there. I’ll go, get my groceries, and then try to deal with the irritability problem.

But how does a person get ungrumpy? How do you not let loud music and the constant sound of power tools get on your nerves? Normally, I would say by spending time outside but it’s just too noisy out there!


19 thoughts on “First the Groceries

  1. Noisy neighbors are an issue for me too, I’m so glad the rap music guy moved out of the rental property next door, it was really affecting my bliss while out in the garden last year, and don’t even get me stared on my feelings about grocery shopping…
    Beautiful photo you shared, I love everything about it – the colors, the softness, the angle…
    Hope you get ungrumpy soon my friend, hugs to you! ❤

    1. I would have gone out of my mind if the sound of rap music was drifting into my yard. Just hearing a few seconds of that garbage sends me into a rage. I can totally understand how it would affect your bliss while out in the garden! Thank goodness he moved away!

      1. Me too, gosh I instantly get angry hearing rap music, I cannot tolerate that genre of ‘music’ at all. I am soooooo glad he moved away…

  2. You go for a good long walk in the fresh air (with your camera). By the time I’ve walked ‘there & back’ looking around for something to photograph, I’ve usually forgotten about my mood (whatever it is).

    But why do people have to turn their music up so loud disturbing the peace for anyone around them anyway? I would go next door and ask him/her if they could please turn the music down as your headache is reaching migraine level (a little white lie won’t hurt anyone and they might, just, do as asked). Of course they might just turn it up louder, but it can’t hurt to ask.

    I used to like grocery shopping as I love the whole spend money thing. Now….not so much, because I only have the money to buy the absolute necessities. Is there anywhere different that you haven’t been before to buy groceries? Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday.

    1. If it had been a different neighbor, I may have asked him to turn his music down. But it’s one of the families that we like and he’s redoing all the siding on his house so he’s going to be outside making noise anyway. I figure one of us might as well enjoy our time outside! Plus, I appreciate his taste in music more than my other neighbor’s. It’s just not the best when you’re trying to have some Zen time, which just isn’t going to happen around here during the summer anyway.

      Yesterday I stocked up on the few things that I have to go to the stressful store for so I can take a week off. And after that I may drive out to Snohomish to grocery shop. It’s a little further but the people are nicer and the pace a little more laid back. I need to find my way back to my more patient, laid back self.

  3. Sitting by a body of water (in the shade if it’s too sunny) often does the trick for me. It’s so soothing. (This is of course assuming there is no park staff with a leafblower or noisy children nearby.)

    Also, the saying “laughter is the best medicine” has a lot of truth to it. Watching a comic or TV show that makes me laugh out loud can do wonders. (Has to be laugh funny, not merely amusing.)

    The hard part is that when I’m really grumpy, I usually don’t feel like going anywhere, which can be hard to “fix” it.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean about feeling too grumpy to go anywhere! Since I’ve found people so annoying lately, my tendency is to hibernate at home. But I think getting out would lift my spirits. I think I need to continue my weekend exploration of nearby parks. All the close ones that I know of have features to attract children. Another of problems is my desire to avoid traffic. Makes it kind of hard to get anywhere!

  4. Hmmmm…… there any music you like to listen to that you could play indoors to lift your mood? Throw the windows open for the fresh air, turn it up loud and let the music lift you. Maybe have a quiet little boogie all by yourself?
    ((((hugs)))) I hate grocery shopping too, but since not having a car I have had to order online and I swear it takes just as long!!

    1. This is a great idea too! I should make better use of my iPod and ear buds. I have hours of relaxing music on it and I hardly use it. (I hurt too much to boogie these days!)

      I’ve never tried online shopping. The thought of not having to deal with small children darting all over with those little carts is very attractive…. 🙂

  5. Isn’t there a park or something you can hide out at with your camera for a few hours. Sometimes when life gets me down in the dumps, or so stressed out that I can’t sleep at night (I’m there right now), I grab my camera and head to the park. I get out of my own head, I begin to feel better, and my mood changes. Find something outside to do that you can do away from home. No grocery stores included.

    1. That’s a great idea! It would be good for me to find a place to escape to. There’s so much activity going on around my house right now and yesterday I realized it’s stressing me out more than I thought it was. I just need to find somewhere…. The park closest to my house has a splash area (little kids have been annoying me lately) and they’re doing major construction. I’ll have to widen my search but there must be somewhere.

      I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed you can’t sleep. That’s not a fun place to be. I hope things calm down for you.

      1. Yeah me too. There is just a lot going on right now. My hopes is that in the next few weeks the worst of it will be over. **Fingers crossed** Anyway, broaden your search. The parks near my house suck, way too many kids, way too much noise. So I go to some of the gardens in the surrounding counties. When we lived in Colorado there were way more options for places to escape. I’ve had to get creative finding places here in Maryland. You’ll find somewhere… that’s why google gets the big bucks. They find all those hidden gems you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

  6. You seem to have a pretty good relationship with your squirrels. See if you can get them to chew on the wires leading to your neighbor’s house. That will solve the radio and power tool issues, and give both you and your sciurine friends the peace you deserve…

    Don’t you like my outside the box thinking? 😉

  7. I wish I knew the ungrumpy answer, but grocery shopping is never the answer. I mean, neither is hunger, but the shopping does not help at all.

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