My Sunshine


Smarty makes me smile many times each and every day. These days, nothing makes me happier than seeing Smarty happy, and I suspect Don feels the same. We adore this old boy.

He’s become such a big part of our family that it’s hard to believe we’ve only had him four months. It seems like he feels very much at home now and he has to know how loved he is. Everyone pampers him and loves on him, probably more than he would like sometimes!


I’ve been missing Baby a lot again lately but just one look at Smarty’s big yellow lab smile is enough to make me smile through the tears. He’s my sunshine.


14 thoughts on “My Sunshine

    1. A few months ago I had a week where I woke up at 2 am every morning. (I didn’t get up then though!) I think these particular wake-up times mean something in Chinese Medicine but I can’t remember what….

  1. Smarty is such a delight to see. He reminds me of my Sassy that depart last September. She was 13 years old and a lab/husky mix, but more lab like your Smarty. The face makes me melt. Such a beauty!

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