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Sharing My World – Week 31


My world is a spacey, unfocused kind of place right now. I’m going through another one of my tired spells and my brain is pretty foggy. And, honestly, I’m not trying that hard to be present and focused. I’m so tired of summer and would rather just skip the rest of it. Consequently, I’m engaging in a lot of time-wasting, life-avoiding behaviors like playing games on my tablet, which just makes the spacey and unfocused worse. I wish I could break out of this cycle but apparently not enough to work at it!

Since my brain is such a blank, blah place, I thought maybe Cee’s Share Your World challenge would be a good way to get words flowing.

Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? Definitely take the pictures! It’s funny that cameras can capture the beauty in nature because they just seem to capture the ugly in me. I am horrified whenever I see a photo of myself.

Where do you like to vacation? I like to vacation in Hawaii but, thanks to higher taxes, that’s not really feasible for us anymore. And, really, the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful, it’s hard to find the motivation to go anywhere else anyway. So, I’m going to go with the Oregon Coast. I love the wide open space and fresh air of the ocean and I prefer beaches that are cool enough to visit fully clothed and interesting enough to explore. Those flat, sandy beaches littered with sunbathers on beach towels look really boring to me. I’ll take our cool, windy, rocky Pacific Northwest beaches over those hot, sandy ones any day!

The beaches on the Monterey Peninsula in California are pretty nice too!
And they have really cute, friendly squirrels there!

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

Fog Area

My brain is so foggy I can’t even keep track of my children. It took me until after 11:00 this morning to remember that Michael went to work today. I thought he was in his room sleeping all this time. I even made him an egg for breakfast!

List at least five favorite first names. For boys, I obviously like traditional names, like Michael and Daniel, since that’s what I named my sons. For girls, I’ve always liked nature names, like Willow, Raven or Rowan. I always wished I had a tree name.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week I was so grateful that baseball season is finally over. I enjoyed having the time to bake gluten-free cookies and zucchini bread. This week I’m looking forward to more of the same. I’d like to try out a few Paleo recipes, since the CFS protocol I’m reading about recommends the Paleo or Stone Age Diet.


14 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 31

  1. I’m totally with you on the beach thing. I love our long sandy beaches in Washington, but they feel so much more unfettered and wild than warm climate sun bathing beaches.

    1. I do like the wildness of our Washington beaches! I’d like to go to Westport or Ocean Shores during a windstorm. It would be cool to see the big waves!

  2. I agree about the beach and sun baking as being boring. I prefer to walk along and all around the rock pools (if there are any). Nothing’s nicer that listening to the waves crashing on the sand. Very relaxing.

    The only time I feel really well is on the Paleo Diet – i.e. grain free & dairy free.

    Have you ever thought your foggy brain could be grain intolerance? Wheat in particular makes me lethargic and I usually fall asleep if I eat too much. I can’t think straight either and get easily confused. Hence I often started falling asleep and would pinch myself when still working full time, so I didn’t fall asleep after lunch. I’m much better on an empty stomach. I always knew I was dairy intolerant, but took me a long time to connect the wheat problem. I do have actual ‘allergies’ as well, but lots of intolerances make cooking pretty boring for me. I don’t like most gluten free flours and pastas etc. I prefer meat/fish & vegetables. Always have.

    1. Recently I noticed that I feel a lot better if I don’t eat any grains for breakfast. I’ve also noticed that my hands swell up if I eat gluten, so I try to steer clear of it. I don’t mind the weird textures of gluten-free stuff. In fact, I kind of prefer gluten-free stuff! My life would be a lot easier and my health would be a lot better if I preferred meat and veggies but I’m not a big meat eater and I only like veggies when someone else cooks them. I’m the same with fish – someone else has to cook it! Paleo will be a big struggle for me. I’ve borrowed numerous Paleo cookbooks from the library and not found one meal that appeals to me and sounds doable. I’m going to keep searching though because the doctor that wrote the book I’m reading keeps stressing how important a Paleo diet is to the protocol. If only I had a personal shopper and a cook!

    1. They were really friendly and there were dozens of them swarming over the rocks. I wanted to bring one home but didn’t think I would get through airport security with one in my purse. 🙂

  3. Get some rest that will help with your fatigue and fogginess. I know what that is like. Thanks so much for sharing.

    For your fog – try tapping the top of your fingers together. Like clapping with just your finger tops. Do this for 100 times and do it a couple times a day. You will notice that the fog will start disappearing and not happen nearly as often. Although I know that telling you this during a foggy time is probably not the best time.

  4. I know what you mean about seeing the beauty all around you through a camera, and then seeing a picture of yourself and being horrified. I love taking pictures of others, but when I ask my husband or kids to take a picture of me because I look and feel good that day, the picture looks bad. I chalk it up to… they don’t have the same eye or care that I do. One of these days I want to get professional flattering pictures of myself taken, just to prove that it can be done.

    As far as going paleo… I have done it. It has helped a lot for my pain and energy level. I hope it works well for you.

    I’m impressed you were even able to write during your foggy time. I can’t even focus on words when I’m foggy.

  5. I’m a bit late to this party, but hopefully the fog has cleared some since this post. Wonderful photos in this one, and I’m with you…I’ll take the cool, windy, rocky Pacific coast over hot sandy beaches every time! 🙂

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